Home Lifestyle Just off the Paris Seine, a barge-style floating hotel to discover without delay!

Just off the Paris Seine, a barge-style floating hotel to discover without delay!

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focus today Like wanting to go to the open sea while waiting for the big departure for a well-deserved vacation. So soon, yet at the same time, summer holidays are all on our minds… We’re not going to give up on this stretch of the house, knowing that there are so many experiences you can have without taking your passport. Among them, the possibility of sleeping on the Seine in a floating hotel has turned into a fashionable place. Moored at the foot of the Gare d’Austerlitz station, OFF Paris Seine has created a new way to enjoy the City of Light.

© OFF Paris Seine

This destination within a destination offers you the extraordinary experience of staying in one of its rooms with large windows. The boat, carved out of wood, is equipped with all the comforts of an excellent hotel: extra large bed, large shower, WiFi, minibar, air conditioning, welcome tray… nothing is missing! Its suites are also equipped with a bathtub and a four-poster bed. The comparison ends there. As a bonus, OFF Paris Seine offers you great views of Paris through plays of light reflecting off the water all day long. It is a real observatory in a metropolis bustling with workers and students using the metro.

© OFF Paris Seine

Conveniently installed in his cabin room, we look at this scene of everyday life differently, just as we enjoy the audition of a ballet of riverboats on the river. This time, it’s Paris for tourists and lovers… Pictures that make us want to explore the boat. direction OFF restaurant Enriched with a beautiful event program and a menu of flavors from here and elsewhere. We love the tuna tataki, the homemade french fries, the appetizer of feta with cream or the marinated chicken. we enjoy !

© OFF Paris Seine

For the launch of the summer season, the title just opened Ephemeral balcony 350 m2. Every day, from noon until midnight, it is good to relax, toast to life, and have fun during themed evenings such as the “Bulles en Seine”, an event that includes champagne tastings or the “oyster party” for oyster lovers. Unmoved Journey also knows how to add atmosphere to your evenings by inviting DJs on weekends for frenzied sets.

The art of sweetening everyday life!

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off the Seine

86, Quai d’Austerlitz 75013 Paris – France

Phone: +33 1 44 06 62 66/65

[email protected]

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