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5 tips to save money every day

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Inflation, an ambitious project to achieve or change personal status: There are many reasons to want to save in your daily budget. If it seems complicated at first glance, there are actually several simple tricks to put in place. Find out the top 5 money saving tips.

Choose the correct bank account format

The first action to take to save your money is to choose the right bank account format. Not all banks charge the same banking fees.

Some banks offer complete packages including bank card, foreign transaction packages, insurance and additional services (such as concierge service for example).

It may be financially more interesting to open an account of this type depending on your needs because the packages are less expensive than the individually subscribed products.

Do your calculations regularly

Being organized can help you save. To do this, it is necessary to regularly evaluate your finances (once a week, for example). The exercise may seem tedious and time consuming. It’s actually a great way to keep track of your spending.

It is also recommended to plan your budget at the beginning of the month. You can, for example, specify a certain amount of money for shopping, travel, savings, or hobbies. It is with great pleasure that we honor these envelopes at the end of the month. Today there are many easy to use apps to help you keep track of your daily budget.

Avoid impulse buying

We are exposed to numerous commercial requests every day. It’s very hard not to buy something useless on a whim. If you want to stick to your budget, it is essential to reduce your impulse purchases as much as possible.

Here’s an unstoppable technique to avoid:

  • Step 1: Ask yourself if the purchased item is beneficial to you.
  • Step 2: Wait a week before giving in to your urge. If you are still thinking of buying, you can buy it without rushing.

Watch your energy consumption

The cost of energy has risen in recent months. Saving electricity, gas or fuel has become a necessity today.

Here are some reactions to incorporate to lower your electricity bill:

  • use of LED lights;
  • do not leave electrical equipment in standby mode;
  • lowering the temperature of their radiators by a couple of degrees (this also works for gas or heating oil);
  • Reduce shower time to reduce hot water consumption.

To save fuel, carpooling and teleworking are your best allies.

Second hand purchase

Buying used stuff is now easier thanks to classifieds sites or online specialty retailers.

You can find many used items in very good condition at discounted prices. You can save on the price of new property. This occasion also has an environmental advantage. You avoid manufacturing a new product while reducing your waste.

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