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Weekend getaway at Passalacqua on Lake Como: a gem hotel in an Italian garden

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On the shores of Lake Como, the village of Multrazzio, the poor man’s little Positano, has a treasure: the Passalacqua Lago di Como, a historic house dating from 1787, which has become a one-of-a-kind hotel and hotel. A precious haven in this little piece of Italy that is so popular the world over. This villa is sheltered in greenery, amid green terraces, gradually transformed into magnificent gardens. The eight terraces extending on staircases towards the lake, adorned with a thousand drops sparkling like diamonds, add an extra charm to this dream place.

Time seems to slow down here to live to the lapping rhythm on the lake that accompanies the dance of the boats, giving the opportunity to take advantage of the romantic and skillfully curated setting of the place, to experience the ultimate luxury of today, the present moment.

romantic gardens
Upon reaching the gardens, it’s the natural setting of the lake and its tree-lined hillside shoreline that really sets the scene. Then the forge pergolas made of light arabesques and their striped canvas domes to protect from the sun, stand out beautifully among the lunch tables, near the round fountains, with their ancient charm. Fifteen fountains of this style swish with graceful and musical jets of water within flowery terraces.

Natural box beauty
The historic home, the romantic garden, the natural beauty of the place, the aesthetics of this unique place are instantly enticing and make any visitor feel special. On both sides of the staircase ending in a winding path towards the lake, there is a rose garden, a magnolia garden ideal for practicing yoga under flowering trees, the petanque yard is just waiting for competitors, a grove full of white flowers. Hens, Shelter not far away and to the right, the beautiful 20m swimming pool surrounded by umbrellas and daybeds, designed by the famous designer JJ Martin who also decorated the winter garden with her floral, graphic and colorful prints and just opened a store in Taormina, Sicily.

Attention to detail and custom furniture
Here are the garden elements, the furniture carefully selected, or thought out and made to measure such as the tables whose tops are decorated with glass mosaics in the shape of flowers by the house. here.
Attentive care and an advanced sense of detail bring to the decor, in the 24 rooms and suites, the living rooms, the lakeside villa and the entire house, exuding beauty without ostentation and luxurious comfort at the same time.

From Count Andrea Lusigny of Passalacqua to the De Santis family
Built on land belonging to Pope Innocent XI, it was created by Count Andrea Luceni-Pasallaqua to become one of the largest lakeside estates, imbued with the Italian Baroque style that The de Santis family, the new mistress of the place, He had a heart that stood out in the most beautiful expression, using the talent and knowledge of Italian artisans.
Really creative owner Grand Tremezzo Hotela few decades later, the Santis family has worked for three years to restore the glamor of this place, and to perfect this hotel by haute couture work, very well done and very attractive, since its opening in June last year, its details, its gardens, its pool, its view of the lake Her presence floods the threads of Instagram influencers every single day.

Subtle luxury of the rooms
The twelve rooms in the main building and the other eight created in the annex building, the “palace”, have been thought out to the smallest detail: the large volumes are decorated with delicate colors on the walls. Shades varying from powdery rose to ocher, to sienna infuse a calming atmosphere to create a wonderful cocoon.

Haute couture in the rooms
Furniture, works of art, carefully selected paintings, high cabinets of precious wood, whose curtained doors look very heavy but are handled gently on well-oiled hinges, together with delicate airy lights in Murano glass Translucent windows illuminate the high ceilings of these unusual rooms with their interweaving.
At least two million euros of labor were spent per room and two years of labor so that each room could offer bespoke luxury but without pretension: the chests under the bed of light leather studded with gold studs were ordered from home Bottega Conticelliwhich is the Italian equivalent of Hermes and made to measure is equipped with an innovative electrical system to hide the TV.
The remotes are enclosed in leather cases with the emblem of the three fishes, lucini du lac, 3 spears of the coat of arms of the old family, and mottos, now adopted by the new house, which can be found absolutely everywhere. On the envelopes and cards with the house’s signature crest in saffron yellow, to the metal bottle opener, to the pretty canvas boxes in the bathroom, to the beauty products made just for the hotel.

Passalacqua di Como-Junior Suite in Villa Lake View © Ruben Ortiz

Luxury is in the details and delicacy even in the family sets
The luxury is in the details, even for the shoe bags, linen bags and even the sewing kit, a delicate little pillow embroidered in thickness.
tape marvel. Hidden in a piece of furniture lined with wrought mirrors, it houses an Italian coffee maker (obviously!), sparkling crystal goblets, and coffee and tea mugs. Richard Ginoriin porcelain striped in the same saffron yellow that we find as a common thread throughout the room.
More than twenty different types of marble have been selected from Verona and Carrara quarries To decorate the bathrooms including the magnificent red stone Breccia Pontificiaveined in dark gray, like the work of the Vatican, looks like a one-of-a-kind work of art.
The bronze lamps in the historic building, in the former 8-suite stables and the 4-suite lake villa were ordered for privatization from Il bronzeto and traditional silk lamps Fortune. while birch fiber sheets, Beltrami, soft yet light as silk creates the impression of a quilted cloud-like nest for sleeping and lounging in bed. Soft, old-fashioned rugs cover the original wooden or traditional tiled floors Cotto Lombardo.

Residence of the composer Bellini
The charm of this residence lies in the desire to create a family home atmosphere in both the living rooms and bedrooms. All different, they are dedicated to recapturing the history of the place, such as the Bellini Pavilion, in honor of the composer who lived here and composed the formidable Norma and La sonnambula within these walls.
An aura of beauty and distinction emanates from these places steeped in history that were imbued with the presence of such iconic figures as Winston Churchill and Napoleon Bonaparte.

The richness of the restaurant halls and dining rooms
A row of elegantly decorated parlors borders the ground floor of the house. Silk pendants frame the windows, ornaments, and vases, accentuated by the soft colors of the moulding-enhanced walls. The ceilings are ornately decorated with finely restored mural medallions, lit by giant chandeliers made of blown Venetian glass from the house. Paroffier and Tousseau. The floors are made symmetrically Venetian Terrazzo And his recognizable cat. All mirrors with such fine detail to scale were made by master glassmakers Barbini, a family business dating back to 1927. Wherever you look, precious details are revealed, from the majestic stone staircase to the alcoves on the landings of those who more discreetly serve the bedrooms, to the parlors appointed with carefully selected furniture and trinkets, from the porcelain collections on display On the walls of the dining rooms or in the shelves of the service units, to the cabinets decorated with rattan sets, creating a surprise in every nook and cranny of the house. A wonder for the eyes.

Bellini for aperitifs

In the evening, In the lounges adjacent to the bar, it is a must to have an aperitif, savor a bellini or a house cocktail before going to dinner at Chef Mauro Verza’s table, in the dining rooms, to savor seasonal Italian cuisine, in delicate porcelain, and receive it like a princes.
During the day, the property’s traditional wooden boats await “Giumello” or “Didi”, moored on a private pontoon to arrive at Villa del Balbianello, a Renaissance palazzo and visit his palace.
romantic garden. A dream weekend in perspective.

Copyrights: Photo by Stefan Giftthaler, Ruben Ortiz.
Installation pictures: badminton travel

Via Bizana, 59
22010 Moltrasio
45 minutes from Milan Malpensa International Airport.
36 minutes from Milan Center or Milano Porta Garibaldi
15 minutes by boat from Moltrasio

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