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L’Ecran The Wall: A Samsung experience not to be missed

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With The Wall display, Samsung offers an unlimited visual experience and immersion to the heart of all content, like never before.

An exceptional picture

Wall – © Samsung

Brilliant colours, more true-to-life, deep contrasts (with a 1 million:1 recording in the dark), extreme detail and disturbingly realistic rendering: Samsung delivers such high quality with its The Wall display that the visual experience becomes immersive. Especially since we can set the screen size to 146 inches (3.2m x 1.8m) and 292 inches (6.5m x 3.6m). And its shape: consisting of removable panels, it offers endless customization possibilities because the size can be adapted to all interior designs and all desires, giving it an unstructured shape, far from the classic rectangular shape.

Exceptional technology

Wall – © Samsung

The wall marked a turning point in the field of high-end exhibition.

Black Seal technology ensures exceptional blacks and a high level of contrast for best results even in bright environments. HDR and HDR10+ image-processing technologies ensure sharp, realistic images by increasing contrast and brightness in low-light areas while reducing the effects of glare. Ultra Chroma technology allows for wider, more intense shades of color than those found in conventional monitors.

Luxurious piece

Wall – © Samsung

Do you want to change the atmosphere of a room or breathe new life into your home?

Sporting a refined and futuristic design, The Wall can be customized according to your wishes by adding a decorative frame within the screen itself: it then becomes a work of art. ! With Ambient mode, The Wall becomes a decorative object when in standby mode: it then displays a work of art (photo or painting) with absolute realism. It is also possible to design custom wallpaper themes according to the interior with the surrounding decor so that The Wall blends perfectly with the decor until it becomes invisible!

It is no coincidence that this latest Samsung gem equips the showroom at Perrotin Gallery, one of the most prestigious international fairs dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

Price available upon request – from € 260,000 incl tax UHD format (146″)

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