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Elancia: More than a gym, dedicated athletic support

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Founded in 2003, Elancia has established itself as an alternative to traditional gymnasiums by promising its members tailored pursuits and outstanding services. Thus, it promotes the sport of well-being and pleasure, integrated into everyone’s daily life.

“In the collective imagination, in the gym, we push the barbell, look at ourselves in the mirror and take the protein to be very muscular. This is not what everyone is looking for when exercising. At Elancia, we are the opposite of this image “, offers Amandine Descotes, Director of Communications and Marketing. The company grew up with an evocative slogan “Don’t like gyms? And neither do we!

To keep amateur athletes motivated, Elancia has developed the 360-degree concept. Once registered, we pass a sports assessment that allows professionals to determine our level, desires and habits, in order to tailor a customized training program. Indoors, at home, in the office or outdoors, Elancia support follows us everywhere. “The goal is really for people to incorporate sport into their daily lives, without it being a hindrance,” states Amandine Descots.

Noble materials, superconductive equipment, individual changing rooms, mobile apps, video or audio lessons, sanitary services, entertainment and ecological shower heads, nothing is left to chance in these rooms that offer outstanding service and are committed to an ambitious CSR policy. At Elancia’s gym, the members stay put. “Customers stay with us for an average of 3 years, which is a lot for a gym,” says the Director of Communications and Marketing.

Standard for health sports

Elancia is named Sport Santé. All of its coaches are trained in safe sports that are appropriate for everyone, including pregnant women and people with illnesses or injuries.

Studies show that a sedentary lifestyle causes cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer and that exercise can prevent or delay a certain number of these diseases. Some mutual funds already pay sports activity and Social Security is looking into this topic. Tomorrow doctors will be able to prescribe sports because they prescribe physiotherapy sessions, ”testifies Amandine Descots. A prospect with great potential for this group that has been developing in the franchise since 2016.

The company currently owns 53 theaters across the territory. She would like to continue developing it and plans 2 to 3 openings per year. Thus it aims to quickly run an effective network for the territory so as to be able to offer a sports and health promotion throughout the country within 5 years.

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