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must be followed | Stereoscopy is betting on the digital twin to transform the real estate industry

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Given that building now accounts for nearly a quarter of France’s greenhouse gas emissions, it is only natural that the new rules have emerged as better insulation for existing thermal sieves and imposing stricter standards on new construction. This is the ambition of the so-called Climate and Resilience Act, passed on August 22, 2021.

In this context, Stereograph is convinced that this environmental, energy and social transformation cannot take place without digital technology. More specifically, the startup founded in 2007 in Lille by two 3D experts, including Manuel Gomez, champions the idea that digital knowledge of heritage through data is key to helping managers improve their heritage by reducing the inherently powerful carbon impact. And meet the new needs of users and society. Already used in key industries in health, automotive and aviation, digital dual technology will now have its place in the real estate and construction market.

In concrete terms, Stereograph uses data to help principals and owners (banks, insurance companies, manufacturers, retailers, etc.) to better understand their assets in order to better anticipate uses and imagine predictive models that respond to new environmental, societal and regional challenges. Then, owners are able to enhance their property’s assets and imagine how to turn them into smart, sustainable places to live.

“I want Stereograph to become the world’s leading digital property management company,” commented Manuel Gomez, CEO of Stereograph. This is why Nhood joined the company as the largest shareholder earlier this year. This alliance will make it possible to accelerate the transformation of the business around the operation of the building.” In fact, the French real estate company Nhood has acquired a majority stake in Stereograph, a sign that the digital twin is being taken seriously by the industry.

With over 6 million square meters of managed surface area to its credit, Stereograph already has 40 employees and expects 400% growth in turnover by the end of the year. The company has already beaten Evia, Dalkia, Banque Populaire, Bouygues Energy & Services and Citrus in particular and hopes to impress more major players, including at the international level.

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