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Ilham Ahmed: Does human life become miserable?

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The front page of the latest issue of Time magazine declares that we are at the “end of humanity,” and that artificial intelligence will conquer the world and potentially exterminate the human race.

However, the final effect Amnesty International It can extend human life. While we worry about AI-driven drone strikes on our cities and being chased by swarms of drones, we underestimate the impact machines have on our bodies and, more importantly, our ability to socialize. Some companies are examples in this regard.

While Ford’s initial contribution was to change the way we work, the auto industry has also changed the way we live – especially in terms of the structure of cities and the amount of physical activity. Furthermore it, apple Social media in general has changed commerce and entertainment, but it has also distorted our physical attitudes and, even worse, has brought us social distortions, as human beings no longer interact with each other in a uniquely human way.

If we combine the changes brought about by technology, identity changes, and actions like drug use, we are on the cusp of the most dramatic change in human behavior that has ever occurred. We can live longer, but in many cases we don’t live better. What is clear is the degree to which our bodies and minds have evolved – from longevity to the fragmentation of societies.

Another issue raised is the discrepancy between longevity widely around the world and the alarming decline in life expectancy in some countries due to a combination of obesity, cardiovascular disease, drug addiction and depression. The United States stands out in this respect Life expectancy has fallen sharply to 76its lowest level in more than twenty years (for reference, Canada at 82 and Japan at 85).

Going forward, these changes will be complicated by a host of factors, including ethics and money. The rich will try to achieve longevity (but perhaps not happiness) and advances in genetic engineering can open up whole new horizons for the rich by allowing them to grow and transplant organs or engineer the “next generation”.

In addition, Amnesty International It has the potential to help diagnose many diseases depending on countries’ ability to collect reliable data, but when introduced into social protection systems, it can act in harsh ways by excluding patients with, for example, cardiovascular complications or problems with reimbursement. health care .

Healthy living and longer happiness are mainly a function of good design – of cities, provision of health care, social education and food (Public Health Nutrition magazine shows that ultra-processed foods account for more than 45% of household purchases in Ireland, the UK and Germany, compared to less than 14% in France Italy and Portugal).

This is why we can have more confidence in the future of European democracies than we can in authoritarian regimes or the Anglo-Saxon socioeconomic model to successfully manage the massive changes taking place in our bodies and minds.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – the author: Mike O’Sullivan

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