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Launching a new high-end airline to the United States

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While we thought the A380 was completely buried, some companies are bringing it back online and making it a selling point

It is for the global airlines which declared making acquisition an unusual practice in the industry.

The company is clearly in its prime, announcing its interest in launching transatlantic flights from London to New York and Los Angeles.

Even if there are many competitors on this axis such as American, British Airways, United, Jet Blue and more recently Norse (born from the ashes of Norwegian) these remain the busiest and most profitable routes in the world.

James Asquith, The 34-year-old serial entrepreneur, who created Holiday Swap, aims to have a hundred aircraft by 2025, including more A380s to develop its network to the US and possibly Asia.

Asquith has a strong financial background having worked for HSBC and Deutsche Bank.

Global wants to strive first for product quality to revive the travels of yesterday before the explosion of commercial aviation.

The first A380, with a total seating capacity of approximately 471, will offer a luxurious experience including a spacious Premier Suite measuring approximately 3 meters in length, double bed and private toilet. The device will also have Business, Premium, Economy and “Gamer class” classes.

The beginnings of operations have been announced in the spring of 2024 and it remains for the young CEO to turn the experiment into a success on a larger scale.

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