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Kivotos Hotel: Mykonos, select edition!

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The undisputed star of the summer, Mykonos has superseded all its competitors! Ibiza, Capri, Bodrum, Saint-Tropez… The Greek island has a monopoly on hearts. For many, one trip is not enough! Tourists return regularly during the season, magnetized by the thousands of nuances of the art of living. Lively and provocative in the evening, Mykonos also knows how to be refined and discreet at nightfall. During the day, it shows us an arty face with a thousand-year-old charm that will keep you glued to the site. Discover the most chosen address of the destination, Kivotos Hotel.

Mykonos is an inspiration that cultivates its own narrative. A story that touches us, regardless of the visitor’s language. Moreover, this universal fascination would cause him to be despised by the natives, who were weary of the hustle and bustle of this summer. But it’s nothing! Many Greek families stay at the site because they feel good there and want to share an authentic experience with their guests. Alongside the established major hotel brands everywhere, boutique hotels are taking the opposite view by offering an unmistakably distinct Greek resort. Kivotos Hotel belongs to these exclusive addresses to the taste of many personalities.

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From Jean Paul Gaultier to Shakira via Prince Albert II of Monaco, the residence perched atop a rocky hill is an address for insiders. Built in 1993 to accommodate the hosts – the Michopoulos family – during their holidays, this family accommodation is designed to be the perfect getaway where time stands still. It’s that unique feeling sought after by celebrities, who never fail to spread the word… From a quiet retreat gathering relatives and friends, the gorgeous villa-turned-boutique-hotel launched the trend thirty years ago on the island. Sealed Small Luxury Hotels of the World is the first flagship hotel of the world in the Cyclades.

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When you arrive at the location, you understand why the characters remain speechless… The Kivotos Hotel is attitude first and foremost. The five-star hotel stands alone on the coast of Ornos Gulf and overlooks the dark blue sea of ​​the Aegean Sea, for no charge. On the other hand, it is a completely different landscape consisting of traffic jams in resorts where crowds and noise reign. Patriarch Spyros Michopoulos with a degree in art and design wanted to pay homage to the volcanic origins of neighboring island Santorini.

This raw beauty was the playground of the best Greek sculptors and artisans mobilized to simplify the stone, under the pencil line of founder Spyros Michopoulos.

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The 41 suites and villas are carved out of the rock. To get there, stroll along a labyrinthine path dotted with sculptures and artwork. There is even a section of the wall covered in personal messages. It’s neither business nor graphitism, but rather the will of the hosts to give their guests room for expression. Inevitably, we stop to read these words signed in all languages: Spanish, French, English, Russian, German, Turkish … Those who preceded you tell you about their wonderful stay as a couple or with friends. Every year, the wall is repainted to make way for the memories of future visitors.

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We know what to attach to a place, to a time, to people. In this boutique hotel, which used to be a family home, we have a lot of happy memories and wanted to provide our guests with a place where they can embody their ideas. Also, we wanted to create a unique environment by inviting them to live different experiences depending on the rooms, suites and villas: nothing is the same! With every vacation in Kivotos Mykonos, they will feel like they are somewhere else while staying in the same place! says Jason Michopoulos at the helm of the title and other foundations of the group, along with his brother Philip.

Outside, the crisp white of the whitewashed walls contrasts nicely with the pink of the bougainvilleas scattered throughout the property. From one villa to another, the doors and windows have a different color like violet, blue, green… What you wouldn’t dare to do at home, it’s just amazing in this place!

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Inside the suites, the floors and bathrooms are decorated with black tiles and marble, and huge urns and ceramics are featured in every room. In order not to miss anything of the surrounding nature, panoramic balconies border the villas, while a private swimming pool refreshes your scorching days.

In the land of ship owners, water is a predominant element, so special attention is paid to bathrooms that rival in elegance. Always oriented towards the sea, it occupies generous proportions and, as for the bathtubs, is available in different colors. Special mention for the bright yellow version that lights up one of the signature villas.

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More than a hotel, an architect’s home! The scheme thrives in culture with many heritage references. You’ll come across a life-size replica of the Lions of Delos, carved in Naxos marble like the originals of ancient Greece. Your beauty will wander across the time frieze according to discoveries. Kivotos houses the largest collection of Louis Vuitton bags in the world, off the brand! Some famous guests tried to own one of these treasures, but the Michopoulos family never decided to part with it.

Caprice or star crush? Never mind, in Kivotos Mykonos, we have no reason in the world to be angry! Head to the lavish central pool equipped with underwater speakers to double the fun. There is also a statue of the Virgin of the Sea made by the famous Greek sculptor Dimitris Armacola which makes the swimming pool a masterpiece.

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As for the cuisine, the best of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine delights guests in the restaurants jellyfish And pirate. You can even experience the honeymoon vibe with your feet in the water at the intimate table Nero Nero Installed on the hotel’s private beach… We pay privacy so much that you can treat yourself to a stay at Noah’s Villa by Kivotos, the only villa on the island that has its own private beach.

Since Mykonos is also a party, every year the Foundation organizes its big annual party at the end of July with DJs and events. It is also an opportunity to discover a launch Kivotos Art Projects – A platform for contemporary Greek art, displayed in the public spaces, suites and art gallery of the hotel.

I can’t wait for summer!

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