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Agence for One: corporate events with a positive impact

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Specializing in corporate events, the FOR ONE agency has chosen a Select niche sites that carry a strong message: environmental responsibility and symbiosis. However, the company does not forget about entertainment and calls itself as The challenge to meet the objectives of corporate events and private ones sustainable development.

The role of the events is to entertain, thank, and honor employees, customers, or suppliers. but that is not all. For us, the company is one of the biggest influencers because of its activity. That’s why we chose this bias to raise awareness among as many people as possible.”says Leila Obam, co-founder.

FOR ONE agency participates in most BtoB events: seminars, team building, launch parties, birthdays, company trips, incentives, public gatherings, etc.

Thus they organize responsible extraordinary events that reduce carbon emissions, consume locally, raise awareness, and work alongside associations.

Thanks to a range of local and committed partners, the company is able to offer its clients a wide range of services to create the event that is right for them and that will make their DNA shine. “We meet all the criteria of a classic event with an openness to the environmental, human and cultural solidarity of heritage”explains the director.

With this tailor-made approach, the agency accompanies its clients before, during and after the event. “We are there from the idea of ​​the event, to its production, and also on D-Day to running it and coordinating it.”says Lila Obam. To prove its legitimacy, the company works to place environmental labels on as many events offered to its clients as possible. Thanks to the respect for the quality charter, proposed by the environmentally committed event label, and soon hopes to benefit from the Agir label for responsible tourism.

Create emotion to raise awareness

“We are first and foremost event project managers, and we do not pretend to consider ourselves ecologists. On the other hand, we consider every step important and direct our clients in a more responsible and standardized direction ”Lily Obam testifies.

Thus, the company chose entertainment to reach its customers. We measure the carbon footprint of our events, but we don’t neglect their emotional impact. says the commander. “Our main drive is to increase awareness while having fun, because for us it is the best way to learnshe continues.

In full growth, FOR ONE Agency intends to continue its development. It is planning to expand its team and plans to establish new branches in the Paris region and Canada. On the strength of its values, it hopes to lure other players in its wake to advance the sector.

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