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Mother’s Day | But what is this fragrance that definitely pleases?

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focus today With them being the unique, central, queens of our hearts, our mothers will be honored even more on Mother’s Day this June 4th. In order to declare our love to them without hesitation, we dedicate to them a certain value: ” Life is beautiful From Lancôme, the world’s bestseller. In France, two bottles are sold every minute! Performance in this market is among the most demanding in the perfume world.

La Vie est Belle embodies an olfactory translation of happiness, an absolute sense of joie de vivre, and who better than a mother figure who carries this sweet statement? The French luxury perfumer gets this message right by spicing it up with a very rich composition of iris, patchouli, and vanilla. 5521: That’s the number of combinations that were necessary, over a three-year period, to achieve that perfect juice. In pursuit of excellence, the Maison sought the perfect woman to translate this hymn to life… It was the iconic actress Julia Roberts who shared in the success of the fragrance thanks to her innate ability to make an impression.

© Lancôme

But make no mistake about it: the muse is the woman, the mother, the being who is the source of our happiness.

This year, Lancôme is reviving the iconic flower of this cult juice in a new guise. With an unprecedented focus of the iris, Life is Beautiful Iris Absolu It gives unprecedented intensity to this formula. This “perfume blue gold” is wrapped with black currant and milky fig… enough to express your love for the woman in your life.

A few days before the festivities, we’re sure to tick all the boxes to please our mom!

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