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Entrepreneur Training: A Huge Job!

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Becoming an entrepreneur is something that cannot be improvised. We all have a more or less sensitive entrepreneurial streak, but no matter our profile, it is always a good idea to identify our strengths as well as our weaknesses. Whatever happens, getting support is always a process that can pay off. It remains to find a suitable training organization.

More and more comprehensive training formulas

For an entrepreneur or employee, the goal is to find training that perfectly meets their needs. It is sometimes difficult to find specially designed formulas, but some organizations offer such a wide range of training that you always end up taking very beneficial sessions.

Koancy is a training organization born with the goal of being as close as possible to professionals looking for training. To move towards tailor-made, its founder Andre Cyril Copla decided to build a structure capable of offering several courses suitable for everyone. *

At the service of the businessman… and his employees

The training is directed to the company’s employees. An organization like Koancy’s is regularly approached by business leaders who want to get the best out of their teams. When you begin this process, it begins with a meeting to set specific goals. Thus, the training program is adapted and everyone participates in it: expert coaches, business manager or team manager and members of that team. In this way, everyone expresses their expectations, their needs and the areas in which they would like to advance: improving sales techniques, communication or productivity in general. The aim is to bring out the full potential of every link in the company to enable it to grow successfully and steadily.

Services for emerging entrepreneurs

A structure like Koancy’s is also the cradle of future entrepreneurs. All people who have a project, but do not know where to start, as well as all those who started but have reached their limits, find workshops, sessions and training programs that allow them to pass the stages of establishing or developing their activity.

Wide range of training services

We are not all made of the same wood. We learn, retain, and focus on different things, different media, and different discourses. As a well-rounded training organization, Koancy aims to address all types of audience by offering them various approaches. These courses range from one-on-one coaching sessions to role-playing, e-learning and theory workshops.

Target segments are also variable: sales completion (closing), general marketing, sales and advertising on social networks, acquisition, branding, management, e-commerce, MLM, growth strategy.

For a training organization like Koancy, the challenge is clear: to listen and connect with entrepreneurs and their teams to understand their needs. Being well understood allows expert trainers to offer real added value to professionals who will finally be able to express their full potential.

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