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Paris Entertainment sets the tone for the future of entertainment

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Paris Entertainment Company, operator and designer of hybrid venues built around concert halls and sporting events, groups the Accor Arena, Adidas Arena and Bataclan, iconic Parisian venues. The multi-location group strives to innovatively design and manage its destination and entertainment venues, thus shaping the French music and sports scene of the future.

With 135 events annually, theAccor Arena is an iconic icon: it has paraded the world’s greatest artists and athletes. It’s also a true destination, with its own ice rink, French restaurant, co-working space, basketball area, and a new after-show space with a unique concept and design. After nearly 40 years of serving the public, it has become a pioneering arena that never stops reinventing itself Enthuses Nicholas Dubo, Group General Manager. In 2021, it’s the legendary Bataclan’s turn to be taken on by its team: its repositioning around the soul of rock music aims to return to the basics that made it the supreme music venue in Paris.
Paris Entertainment will also manage the Adidas arena, starting next February. With a capacity unique to Paris of 9,000 people, the adidas arena is the only indoor facility built as part of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024. This arena aims to be a reference in terms of environmental excellence and will accommodate more than a hundred athletes, e-sports and music events in the year. his ambition? Be an unmissable meeting and exchange place, an emblem of the Parisian urban lifestyle. ” The Paris Entertainment Company brand allows us to orchestrate our evolution, to embody the model we designed – of a mythical room that doubles as living space – and to carry it into the different rooms in which we work. Refers to Nicolas Dupeux.

More than a show, a trip

And at the heart of the Paris Entertainment Company’s DNA: the customer experience. With creativity that sets it apart, the group strives to set a bold vision for the operation of its performance halls, always with a preference for operational excellence. ” In order to meet the audience’s new consumption needs, we have created activities that provide a complete experience, both before and after the main event, to evoke collective emotions. It’s a 360-degree vision that requires adaptability, flexibility, and creativity »

Paris Entertainment Company is committed to the idea of ​​reinventing hospitality through its distinctive tourism venues, Paris Entertainment Company plans to host more major and popular international events (NBA, UFC, E-sport, top chart artists) while offering a complete experience to viewers, to Strengthening its position as a leader in leisure in France and Europe.

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