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FIFA Women’s World Cup | Players urge broadcasters to offer a fair price to show the competition

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world cup | Several top players and many women’s football managers continue to urge major European broadcasters to pay the right price to show the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which kicks off in less than 50 days in Australia and New Zealand.

While the competition will be launched on 20 July at Stadium Australia (81,500 seats), no agreement has been signed to retransmit the competition in the five largest European television markets, namely France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

According to some sources, France’s bids to broadcast the Women’s World Cup represent Less than 5% of 130 million euros I paid for broadcasting the men’s World Cup in Qatar last year. In Italy, who are in the quarter-finals of the Women’s World Cup, the offer on the table is €1 million, or Less than 1% of 160 million euros paid to broadcast the Men’s World Cup, for which their national team did not qualify.

Research conducted by the German newspaper Kicker Indicates that national broadcasters have been shown 3 million euros to broadcast the competition, less than 3% of the amount paid to broadcast the last two editions of the Men’s World Cup. The newspaper also notes that British television companies have submitted a bid for 8 million euroscloser to the €10 million requested by FIFA.

During his acceptance speech after his re-election as FIFA president in March, Gianni Infantino It pledged to triple the prize pool for the Women’s World Cup this summer compared to the previous tournament in 2019. $152 million. He also shared Fifa’s ambition to eventually equalize the awards for the Women’s World Cup and the Men’s World Cup, but said “broadcasters and sponsors need to do more. […] How can we do otherwise? »

President of the Norwegian Football Association, Liz ClavenessAn outspoken critic of FIFA’s human rights policy, she nonetheless agreed with Gianni Infantino on these points. “They should have done more but the part of Gianni’s speech at the FIFA Congress was good. It was very straightforward. Speaking of equal pay, I had never heard of it from FIFA leaders.”

Carla Overbecka member of the first team to win the Women’s World Cup in 1991 and captain of the legendary ’99ers’ eight years later, explains why it was necessary for broadcasters to pay more to show women’s matches and how that money will be used: “Everyone’s goal is to develop women’s football around the world. “That’s what we all want to do. We strive to get fair value from broadcasters. As players, and I think I echo everyone involved, we just want to develop and grow women’s football around the world.”

He talks to the newspaper the team Last week, Lyon DF Vanessa Gill He urged European TV channels to hurry up and provide more money to broadcast the tournament. Broadcasters have to try harder. FIFA is trying to sell the Women’s World Cup at fair value. Selling them at a lower price would hurt women’s soccer. »

In early May, Gianni Infantino reiterated that offers from Europe’s “big five” remained “very disappointing and simply unacceptable” during a speech at WTO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland: “To be very clear, we have a moral obligation And it is legal not to promote the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Therefore, if offers continue to be unfair, we will be forced to not broadcast the FIFA Women’s World Cup in the top five European countries. So I invite all players, fans, football officials, presidents, prime ministers, politicians and journalists around the world to join us in Support this call for fair wages in women’s football. Women deserve it! It’s that easy!”

He spoke last week at an awards dinner Football Writers Association in London, Saray BarmanFIFA’s director of women’s football thanked the English media for their continued coverage of women’s football. However, it did present the Footballer of the Year award to the Australian Sam KerrI reminded them not to take World Cup coverage for granted. “There’s one little thing you can help me with. There are a few small agreements that need to be signed. We’re almost there, so keep asking. I’m sure we’ll get there, but if you can help me with that too? Every dollar His earnings are reinvested in the production of new Sam Kerr stories! »

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Asif Burhan

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