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Private valet parking and concierge service

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Arvin Kerr: The concierge and valet service franchise for a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Founded in 2020 by Marvin and his brother Jordan, the company offers consumer valet parking as well as a private concierge service dedicated to meeting all customers’ needs, wherever they are in the world.

With an unwavering commitment to impeccable quality and service.

The first component offered by Arvin Care is the attractive valet parking service, available at Rennes train station and airport, for vehicle owners concerned about their time and comfort. Not only do their private car parks offer maximum security, but they also offer attractive rates. It’s an undeniable quality that Marvin and Jordan wanted to establish in Ren.

The second part of the activity is the private concierge service, which is a luxurious and premium service that started shortly after the valet parking service opened. Customers who sign up for an annual subscription benefit from a service tailored to their needs. Whether it is managing their trip, booking hotels or restaurants, concerts, shows or sporting events, the customer is pampered from A to Z with Arvin Care. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Marvin and his team play on accessibility and speed, but especially on a subscription system, for a monthly price of between 300 and 400 euros.

High quality valet parking

Arvin Care, the first choice for valet parking in Rennes, offers a complete solution for all trips, whether professional or personal. With an unwavering commitment to quality. Booking this service has been simplified thanks to our easy to use web platform or dedicated mobile application. Simply specify the location and date of pickup, and a contact person accompanies each customer, answering all their questions and guiding them through the process.

On the day of the trip, a designated valet goes to the agreed place to pick up the car and drives it to the secure covered car park. The in-house teams make it a point of honor to provide the highest quality service to their clients. During this guard, an Arvin Care employee provides a vehicle cleaning, so that each customer gets their clean vehicle back.

On-demand bespoke service

Arvin Care, based in Rennes, has expanded its concierge service across Europe, which allows it to cover a wide geographical area. Each subscriber benefits from direct access to a wide range of services, fulfilling their most extravagant requests as well as managing their daily lives. These services include finding gardeners, chefs, and even private drivers. In addition, the company offers select partners for specific travel destinations. Marvin and his team regularly conduct research to ensure the quality of their services by connecting to the best networks.

Arvin Care’s reputation is based not only on the quality of its services, but also on its great ability to adapt to clients’ needs. This is why it has successfully developed its notoriety and attracted an increasing number of clients. The company offers tailor-made, authentic and personal private concierge services, with a particular focus on impeccable hospitality and service. In addition, it strives to offer fair and reasonable prices in order to deliver superior quality. “It’s important for us to stress that private concierge services aren’t just for the wealthy,” says Marvin.

Finally, Arvin Care Conciergerie et Voiturier is more than a simple concierge company. It is a true complete solution to simplify and improve the daily lives of individuals and businesses.

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