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Amboise is preparing to host Roland Garros

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The 27th French Open will be held in the pretty Loire Valley town of Amboise next month.

The picturesque location of the Loire Valley in Amboise is preparing to host the 27th French Open.

This event takes place the weekend of June 2nd-4th in the historic city with traditional historical re-enactments decorated with a ceremony as well as popular outdoor activities.

Diverse programme

All competing concourse teams will play a variety program set to include the working group, while the Black Friday event will take place on Saturday in the town square in front of the famous Château d’Amboise.

Championship Division teams will perform Edward Gregson’s “The World Rejoicing,” while Gilbert Vinter’s classic “The Rejoicing” will challenge Division II challengers.

Thierry Delroyel’s “Lions of Legends” will star in the 3rd division with the 4th division competitors and young adults combined playing Christopher Bond’s “Neverland”.

Judges: Chris Jens (Chairman of the Jury) and Luc Vertomin. The walking competition will be judged by Peter Collins, who will also judge the afternoon outdoor entertainment.


The weekend begins on Friday evening (6.30pm) with a welcome party for all groups at the Château d’Amboise, where a competition draw will take place and a mini-concert presented by the Amersfoort group from Holland.

The next day (9:00 a.m.) the Beaumarchais Theater will host the main competitions, while brass bands will also perform from 10:30 a.m. on Place Michel Debre before marching towards the Château d’Amboise.

In the afternoon all the bands will play their shows from 1.45pm to 7.30pm outside before the concert (9.00pm) which will feature a Hammonds performance conducted by Morgan Griffith before the results are announced.

On Sunday, the Brass Festival took place from 11:30 am in front of the Château d’Amboise performed by A Tours de Cuivres under the direction of David Hubert.

So, there are eight teams competing this year at the event, two championship teams and three runners-up

More details on: www.openamboise.com

The competing pageant teams will all play a varied program that must include the working party, while the White Friday parade takes place on Saturday mornings in the town square in front of the famous Château d’Amboise.4 bedrooms

competing teams

Tournament Section:

The Hammonds Collection (Morgan Griffiths)
Copper Tape (Benoit Dehaene)

Part two:

Pays De Loire Brass Band (Hans Loirs)
De La Vienne Brass Band (Mathias Charton)
Occitania Brass Band (Lucas Maziris)

Section Three:

A Tours de Bras (David Hubert)

Section Four and Youth:

Tourism Youth Brass Band Institute (David Hubert)
En Seine Brass Band (Christopher Dufay)

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