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Sunny Leone on her Cannes experience: It’s beyond all my dreams

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Sunny Leone is excited and overwhelmed by all the genius, charm, and adulation she has witnessed He was Film Festival this year. his movie Kennedy She was greeted with a 7-minute standing ovation and given the chance to hit the best of both worlds. Speaking of the French Riviera, share its unbridled energy and enthusiasm.

What is the experience so far?

It was great to win the Cannes Film Festival for the first time for a film I’m a part of. It’s just amazing here, from the famous characters to the great movies… Just being here is a dream come true.

What was the most amazing part of the Cannes experience?

The most amazing thing about Cannes is to look at these beautiful people and see what they are wearing. I just want to park in the hotel lobby and watch everyone pass by. Although it may sound a little strange (laughs). But the visitors here in Cannes are too great to watch.

Did you manage to watch movies there?

So because here I am representing my Kennedy film, my director Anurag KashyapMy star partner Rahul Bhatt And I’m doing nonstop interviews and taking pictures and stuff. So no, I haven’t seen any movie except mine, of course. But I wish I could at least see some of the movies that were talked about.

There is a strong hype surrounding the movie.


I am so glad to know that being a part of this amazing film means so much to me. Everyone worked hard on it. And just being a part of it was amazing. Then when I learned we were going to transfer the film to Cannes, my excitement doubled or tripled.

What does this experience really mean to you?

I can’t believe I’m here in Cannes with my movie! The significance of this case is beyond my wildest dreams.

How do you see the future here?

Step by step is the main focus from here (laughs). There are moments here that are absolutely overwhelming. But in terms of burnout, I’m here to make a movie, and you have to see it as work. Every day is a unique experience here in Cannes when it comes to meeting new people. But other than that, it looks like any movie roadshow, whether you’re in Cannes or Mumbai, no matter where you’re talking about your movie. Of course the location and the importance of promotion are very high in Cannes.

Did the enormity of it all shock you?

There are times when you go through crazy anxiety. You just have to get over it. Give yourself a pep talk and tell yourself to do it.

It is said that he was wearing clothes over the cinema?

In my view, Cannes is mostly about movies, and I think we’ll have a lot of celebrities attending movies and walking the red carpet. They will all have a different program. At the same time, everything is going together, beautiful dresses and beautiful movies.

What was your favorite part of the Cannes Film Festival?

It’s very exciting to see who comes to your movie with what. We hope they watch your movie and don’t exit after entering. It shouldn’t be. I think there is a core attraction coming to Cannes. If you can understand the purpose of Cannes and make it an intellectual and intellectual experience, you are right.

As for you

For me, it’s a beautiful movie and I have beautiful clothes. And I love walking the red carpet. I love being a part of the different events here at the festival. They make me feel lucky.

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