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Un Certain Regard in Cannes: If I Could Only Hibernate, or The Future of Mongolian Cinema

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Between modernity and tradition, If I Could Only Hibernate is the first Mongolian film to be shown in Cannes. A great entry into the film industry.

Coal is essential to survive the harsh Mongolian winter…a shortage that turns into an obsession for Ulizi (Batsog Oortsaekh), a young teenager living in Yurt, a shanty town in Ulaanbaatar. In the capital of Mongolia, many families who migrated from the rural plains in search of a better life are stranded. A young boy must help his single mother – after losing her husband – who is struggling to raise her three children. A brilliant physics student, he prepares for a national competition that could put them out of misery. Filmmaker Zoljargal Purevdash, inspired by her life, raises the issue of talent and access to education in a hostile environment. The biggest solution to poverty is education I explained before adding. Every child should have this opportunity. I speak from knowledge because I attended the best high school and got a scholarship to study in Japan. Today, I speak three languages ​​and am able to take care of myself. “.

The first Mongolian film to appear in Cannes’ official selection Uncertain Respect, the emotion was palpable and the applause continued at the end of the screening. While the director was portraying these ordinary little heroes, he took the time to look at the beings, show their contradictions, and tenderly paint their image.. Despite the extreme poverty affecting this displaced population, Zoljargal Purevdash manages to craft a warm film carried through by an amazing cast.

“If Only I Hibernate” was presented at Unknown, and produced by Amygdala Films and Urban Factory (France), with Urban Sales.

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