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Maison Loreno: craftsmanship is at the heart of the palace’s breakfasts

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Specializing in fruit preparation, Maison Laurino is a family-run business serving sweet and savory fare to the finest hotels around the world. A niche market for this artisan and ambitious home that puts product quality first.

Maison Laurino was born under the sun of southern France. We always made jam with our grandmother.says Fabian Loreno, one of the two founding brothers. In honor of the latter and inspired by her recipes, they decided to extend the family’s passion. Our fruit preparations are inspired by his recipe book. We also talked a lot with the chefs to improve. It was the combination of our grandmother’s experience and the knowledge of outstanding chefs that made all the difference! » Continue.

Thus the company produces: fruit preparations – less sweet than jam – honey and spreads. Since 2019, at the request of the chefs, I have created a line of condiments: mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup.

Deluxe service

To give five-star hotels and palaces the best services they deserve, Aldar bets on customization. Thus each organization can create their own poster design and leave nothing to chance. According to Fabian Loreno: “ It is this superior service idea, light years away from the big industrial companies, that makes all the difference. »

Maison Laurino does not stop there as it also offers establishments to co-create signature exclusive recipes, tailor-made for chefs.

For example, we have a signature recipe by Chef Jean Ember at Plaza Athénée that you can only taste there, a recipe for blackberries exclusively for Arnaud Donnelly and blueberries and tonka beans for the La Réserve collection. Sometimes the signature recipe is also seasonal. At the Hôtel de Crillon, spring will see the arrival of Strawberries in Champagne that will replace figs in Cabernet”says Fabian Loreno.

Building on its successes, Albayt intends to foray into the world of luxury hotels worldwide, particularly in the United States, Asia and the Gulf countries. To support its growth, it is building a new factory that will enable it to double its production by 2024. All this while maintaining the artisanal manufacturing processes that make its products stand out. You might also consider creating a line of fruit smoothies. He follows.

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