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Was it or was it not? The Idol movie with Lily-Rose Depp and Abel the Weeknd is controversial

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A question posed at the Cannes Film Festival: Do we have the right to love the first two episodes of The Idol? The scandalous scenes denouncing the excessive sexuality of the pop star, which erupted on the tongues of critics, upset and even shocked the spectators. however Having Lily-Rose Depp and Abel the Weeknd on the red carpet knew how to rock the Croisette glam he loves.

From fantasy to reality? In his desire to denounce the scandal of a music industry playing a full part in the tripartite alliance of star-studded, hyper-sexed and hyper-mediocre inspired by Britney Spears’ life, director Sam Levinson, the creator of “Euphoria,” has infuriated the film industry. “misogynist”And “sexist” See straight from ” silly “and erupted criticism from journalists and Telerama writing magazine The avowed mockery of the music industry quickly loses all relevance due to clichés. The self-satisfaction with which Sam Levinson portrays Lily-Rose Depp masturbating or unhesitatingly accepting The Weeknd’s vulgar sadomasochistic fantasies raises questions about the creator’s motives. “.

Bad start for what would be a series Online on Max’s platform June 4th Which tells a story Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp), a young man A pop star is fadingAnd Surrounded by many responsible for her career, all of them are desperate to see her release a new album in order to reap the benefits, without taking into account her psychological fragility. Ha Meet Tedros (Abel Tesfaye told The Weeknd), A nightclub owner and cult leader, he reignites the flame within. Directed by Sam Levinson who regained control of the series from original showrunner, Amy SeimitzBeing in Cannes is the biggest dream come true. And to respond to the differences in the press conference in Cannes: We knew we were working on a provocative series. All these details, which can be read, seem quite strange to me. “. As for Lily-Rose Depp, whose excellent performance in the film we can highlight, and who strangely remembers the first scene of the film where she claims to be in control of her own body, she did not hesitate to answer:You know, it’s sad and upsetting to see people say wrong and nasty things about someone you love so much, when you know they’re not.s. It does not reflect my photography experience at all.. “.

The expected sequel in June 4th On the Max (formerly HBO Max) streaming platform, she’ll tell us how the date went with the audience.

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