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Plaza Athena, 110 years of magic!

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focus today Once upon a time… the palace of tomorrow », within the meaning of the formula, the Plaza Athénée also has the art of cultivating its aura. Global travelers know it, when they travel around the world, locals tirelessly tell them the name of this legendary hotel… Americans, Japanese and Dubai residents dream of discovering it! Better to stay there!

110 years ago, the establishment on Avenue Montaigne already had the idea of ​​staying on top of the bill, and not feeling the weight of the years. This spring, Paris’ most elegant palaces celebrated their anniversary with grand pomp about charming, cosmopolitan, and epicurean animals who share a single religion: a love of title.

© Plaza Athenee

This unbreakable bond, the Plaza knows how to maintain and cherish. Here, you are known and acknowledged, infinitely awaited. Be it for a drink in the gallery next to the lobby, on the occasion of a gastronomic experience in the restaurant he oversees Chef Jean Imbert, on the pretext of a timeless adventure in the first Dior spa opened in France, or a night in one of the suites to experience the great thrill … The five stars always manage to impress even those who have seen it all! so glamorous? No, just enough to make you feel important and at home.

© Plaza Athenee

During the memorial evening, it was a matter of bringing together the faithful and the curious in order to communicate in a good mood. On the menu is a musical entertainment in which a guitarist, pianist, cellist and singer recreate the atmosphere of June 21 from one place to another. All dressed in red uniforms, the staff competed with elegance and infectious smiles. for Francois Delahaye, the charismatic general manager of the Plaza Athénée, brought us the joy of legendary life by improvising a dance with colleagues and guests. Life is too short to take it seriously! We commit without resistance…

Behind this lightness, the favorite residence of Christian Dior and Alfred Hitchcock deployed all their know-how to deliver a glowing, festive scenography. Dozens of items—the result of hundreds of hours of manual labor—decorate the lobby, gallery, and restaurant. Plaza is a battalion of 570 people from 84 different professions whose motto is excellence. 110 years since the palace exported its living art, making the country pride.

© Plaza Athenee

For the fine season, we take up residence at patio garden Discover the vegetarian menu of starred chef Jean Imbert. Dishes in summer colors appeal to all senses, textures and tastes… On the plate, noble products are handled with great simplicity.

Soon, from 26 to 30 June, we will be able to combine Epicureanism and Synephilia by taking advantage of outdoor shows. Operation in conjunction with the MK2 group.

Plaza Athénée, Dorchester Collection

25 Montaigne Street

75008 Paris
Phone: +33 (0) 1 53 67 66 65

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