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consumption | Are marketers detached from these new post-crisis consumers?

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Entrepreneurs, the world has changed dramatically, a large number of consumers have been cut off from society, it’s time to update your studies about your customers

In recent years, we have become aware of the acceleration Climate changeHe had a crisis Corona virus diseasewar in ukraine, For several months after the pension reform, we faced a rupture between the elites and a large number of pensioners Citizens who have become suspicious of these elites It is seen as dependent on the influence connection, Elites that supposedly have the power of scholars

Are marketers disconnected from these new consumers?

And despite all these events, one could get the impression of that Some marketers who lack empathy still view consumers as amorphous children, It can only be crossed by envy, anger, anguish or resentment.

affiliate Often elite urban marketers Who didn’t seem to realize we were having meaning crisis And who are they They broke away from this new society and these silent “neighboring French”.

And if instead of being obsessed with media attention, while everything is being reinvented, you go back to the basics of the sociology of consumption

Consumer sociology is a branch of sociology that studies behaviors, practices, and social meanings related to consumption in contemporary societies. She is focused on How do individuals and social groups and institutions reacts With material goods and services as part of its consumer activities.

Motives and influences

A sociology of consumption that addresses a range of issues, including motivations and effects that guide consumption choices, social inequality In terms of consumption, effects Advertising and marketing on purchasing behaviors and consumer cultures lifestylesBeside environmental consequences And durable from mass consumption.

Consumption is a complex social and cultural phenomenon

This sociological approach considers consumption to be more than an individual act, but rather a complex social and cultural phenomenon. It studies the symbolic, social, and political dimensions of consumption, focusing on the processes of production, distribution, promotion, and consumption of goods and services.

social identity

Sociology of consumption also analyzes the relationship between consumption and social identity, Building self and power relations within the community. She explores how consumption choices can reflect and influence differences in social class, gender, age, ethnicity, and more forms of social hierarchy.

shopping behaviour

In summary, Consumer sociology studies consumption practices in their social and cultural context, examining the social processes that shape purchasing behaviour, the meanings associated with goods and services, as well as Consequences of drinking on individuals and society as a whole

Finally, we often forget that Many French feel they are in perpetual crisis, Because they feel abandoned in their living conditions, and They are anxious about the future of their children after them. Read about the future “Our children are after us” https://bernard-jomard.com/2021/11/19/comment-etre-heureux-actualité-hui-si-nos-enfants-ne-le-sont-pas-dans-trente-ou- fifty years /

The French who always have the feeling that they are facing a An amazing commercial landscape While they have a perception of lower purchasing power. Your consumers need to see, meaning in their livesthey need out of sympathy Far from the media circus, they are more and more Proximity enthusiasts Living together, your customers want information and communication about your local and peaceful products and services. marketers, last tip, Go every month to spend a few days in Provincial town of less than 20,000 inhabitants in order to meet those silent “French neighbors” who are still consumers.

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