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ranking | Top 10 “worst” European cities according to Chat GPT

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Chat GPT took the internet by storm as soon as it was launched. This AI language model has the ability to answer a wide variety of questions and paves the way for great uses. However, Chat GPT itself admits that it has its limitations. In fact, the tool lacks human judgment or even the ability to verify the information it provides, which sometimes leads to interesting results.

Holidu, the digital rental booking portal, put this new tool to the test to highlight its importance in the travel industry. Chat GPT asked what are the worst destinations in Europe, and the result was surprising to say the least, since these destinations are actually worth visiting. This ranking was compiled by Chat GPT by asking the tool to create the “worst” European destinations based on traveller’s experience. This arrangement should be taken with a grain of salt, since sometimes a tool is known to not be completely accurate, the results dependent on its initial application. Moreover, travel experiences are highly subjective and cannot be defined by an AI tool. The aim of this study is to encourage travelers to ignore the reputation of certain destinations and open up to new travel experiences.

Here is the order:

1 – Naples, Italy

Naples is the worst travel destination in Europe according to Chat GPT, or at least the most difficult to visit as AI paraphrases. The city is described as overcrowded and chaotic, as well as unsafe, based on the experience of some travelers mentioned by Chat GPT, whose sources remain unknown. Despite this unattractive image, Naples remains one of Italy’s most beloved destinations, in one of Europe’s oldest cities.

Naples is actually built on an ancient city called Neapolis. Beneath the city’s present-day streets is an extensive network of tunnels and caverns, some of which date back to Greek and Roman times. Among these underground galleries is the Catacombs of San Gennaro, a remarkable site, accessible to the public. The beauty of pizza’s birthplace lies halfway between preserving ancestral charm and desiring modernity. Naples is distinguished by its colorful streets that lead to exceptional historical sites in a radiant Mediterranean climate.

Naples (Getty Images)

2 – Tirana, Albania

Chat GPT defines Tirana as a tourism destination that is still in the process of development, the main drawback seems to be the lack of adequate infrastructure and the difficulty in overcoming the language barrier. However, the Albanian capital brings plenty of Balkan landscapes, so it would be unfair to include it on this list.

Tirana is home to one of the most colorful neighborhoods in Europe: Bloku (meaning “block” in Albanian) was once a closed neighborhood during the communist regime, reserved for the party elite. Today, it’s probably the city’s hippest spot, home to bars and cafés, as well as international restaurants and designer boutiques. There is so much to see, visit and experience in this naturally blessed city with exceptional landscapes. Other attractions worth visiting: The Pyramid of Tirana, Skanderbeg Square, Et’hem Bey Mosque or the National Historical Museum are among the many other popular attractions in the city to discover.

Tirana (Getty Images)

3 – Minsk, Belarus

Minsk appears to be closing in on the podium of worst European destinations according to Chat GPT. The AI ​​tool described the city as bland and lacking in attractions, making it uninteresting for any traveler, but Chat GPT might still be wrong on this point. Indeed, beyond the stigmata, Minsk appears to be a hidden gem. The Belarusian capital is an amazing mix of old and new, where is the architecture
Soviet-era and modern skyscrapers coexist in perfect harmony. These buildings provide the perfect canvas for street artists. In the Oktyabrskaya district, colorful murals and bold paintings fill the empty spaces, bringing art out of the museum and into the crowd’s eye. Minsk’s street art scene has not only added a new cultural dimension to the city’s scene, but has also become a popular attraction.

Minsk is also filled with beautiful parks and gardens that offer touches of greenery in a diverse environment. The city does not forget its history, with over 15 museums, 11 theaters, and other monuments that provide a window into Belarus’ past. Minsk also has a vibrant nightlife, with bars and clubs hosting a lively and eclectic scene.

Minsk (Getty Images)

4 – Bucharest, Romania

Featured on the list of underrated European destinations, Bucharest is said to have a reputation for being “rough” with some visitors feeling “unsafe or uncomfortable in places” according to Chat GPT. However, this city has more to offer than stigma and rumor. Bucharest is a mosaic of architectural styles, where Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque buildings blend seamlessly with Soviet-era concrete blocks and modern skyscrapers. This city has it all, from museums like the magnificent Roman Athenaeum to delicious cafes, restaurants, and shops that cater to all tastes.
In the center of this extraordinary city is the heaviest building in the world and the second largest administrative infrastructure in the world. The Palace of Parliament is undoubtedly a sight to behold by any visitor to the Romanian capital!

Bucharest (Getty Images)

5- Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia appears in this unflattering ranking as the fifth least favorite European destination according to Chat GPT, along with its capital, Belgrade. the reason ? Some travelers find it difficult to navigate the city due to the lack of English signage, and its history of political instability is also an obstacle according to the AI ​​tool. However, today Belgrade is an underrated destination. In fact, the city has a lot to offer, from its ancient fortresses to its stunning Orthodox churches. The Serbian capital is also the meeting point of two rivers, the Danube and the Sava, which give it exceptional landscapes. In summer, the banks of these rivers are the scene of the wildest nightlife in the Balkans. Dozens of floating clubs, bars and restaurants open their doors to the biggest revelers. These clubs are built on old barges that have been converted into modern and unique spaces, with diverse offerings of music, food and drink.

Belgrade (Getty Images)

Which cities complete the ranking?

6 – Belfast, Northern Ireland
7 – Athens, Greece
8 – Riga, Latvia
9- Sofia, Bulgaria
10- Chisinau, Moldova

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