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TikTok LIVE: the new eldorado for live streamers

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TikTok is now a major platform with over 1 billion active users. But if the network makes a name for itself thanks to short video, you can find more and more long-form content especially live broadcasts. In fact, TikTok LIVE has become the new Eldorado of all kinds of steamers who are increasingly monetizing their content and can now get a source of income from it.

Tik Tok It is much more than a short video platform. Rudy Turenay, creator of TikTok and CEO of Agency Victoria. “Videos on TikTok were originally limited in length to 15 seconds, it gradually increased to 30 seconds, then 1 minute, 3 minutes, 10 minutes, and now up to 30 minutes under certain conditions and for certain accounts only.”

We see there is a real desire for TikTok and positioning itself for long-form content discovery on platforms such as YouTube but also Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney +. We understand the strategic interest of keeping users on TikTok for longer periods of time by offering increasingly high-quality content that meets their expectations.

But in addition to long-form videos, TikTok has developed another strategy in parallel. that content development He lives.

Tiktok Live: The New El Dorado For Streamers

What is TikTok LIVE?

TikTok LIVE It allows content creators to connect more closely with their audience in real time, enabling direct interaction between viewer and viewer. This provides a unique opportunity for content creators to connect with their community in an immersive and instant format. TikTok LIVE, on the other hand, allows users to share real moments, interact with their audience through comments, questions and answers, and create the atmosphere of the online community.

For Rudy Turinay, “This feature has allowed TikTok to diversify its functionality and expand its influence as a social content platform that offers long-form content.”

The LIVE format has been widely adopted by content creators, influencers, artists, and brands because it can provide a new source of revenue through donations. Monetization on TikTok LIVE depends on several factors such as audience size, viewer engagement, content quality, and the ability to partner with other content creators.

Tik Tok

Invest at best on TikTok LIVE

Monetization on TikTok can vary widely from creator to creator, so developing a custom strategy based on your niche and target audience is key. Rudy Tourenay is sure that “a small observant community can be more profitable than a large, separate community.”

On TikTok LIVE, viewers can purchase virtual gifts and send them to creators during a live broadcast. Popular virtual gifts on TikTok LIVE include hearts, diamonds, luxury cars, yachts, lions, etc. Each gift has a set value in terms of TikTok coins – the network’s currency – which can then be exchanged for real money in euros.

To get viewers to send more gifts, creators can encourage engagement and engagement during a live broadcast. This can include the gamification of matches, the jeux organisés for the event, the use of apps for action, special recompenses for dons, as well as the interaction with spectators via commentaries and responses to questions. “The more quality and interactive the live performances are, the more creators hope to make use of them,” testifies Rudy Turenay.

In order to boost the ecosystem for young creators on TikTok LIVE and allow them to generate more income, TikTok recently decided to launch a support program that allows live traders to take advantage of benefits such as advice, monitoring, and collaboration. There is no doubt that this will only accelerate the growth of the LIVE format which will continue to attract more and more of the general public.

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