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Forbes billionaire 2023 ranking of the highest paid athletes in the world

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Forbes invites you to discover the ranking of the 50 highest paid athletes in the world in 2023.

Serena Williams And Roger Federer You haven’t set foot on a tennis court in eight months. for Tom BradyIt’s been four months since he ended his career as an American football player. However, these three top athletes, who have accumulated more than $2 billion in pre-tax profits During their career, they are again in the ranking of the fifty highest paid athletes in the world.

No small feat, even for such an accomplished trio. This year, the threshold to enter the top 50 rankings is $45.2 million, a staggering 20% ​​jump from the previous record of $37.6 million, which was set last year. In total, approximately 50 athletes won the standings $3.44 billion In the past 12 months, before taxes and agent fees, that’s up 16% from last year’s record $2.97 billion.

Of this new total income, sports income is 2.36 billion, an all-time high that smashed $1.91 billion in 2022, thanks in part to money from the Middle East. Non-sports income $1.08 billionis also a new record, ahead of $1.06 billion in 2022.

Despite an unprecedented threshold for entering the world rankings, 11 newcomers have managed to find a place in the top 50 and another six have returned after an absence of a year or more. The NBA has the most athletes of any sport, with 15 players in the top 50. However, what is even more remarkable is that the golfers, ten of whom are in the ranking, jump four times as much as last year, thanks in large part to LIV Golf’s intrinsic initial guarantees.

at the top of the ranking, Cristiano Ronaldo touch $136 million In the past 12 months from the English Premier League (England) to the Saudi Championship with Al-Nasr Club. At 38, he may not be far behind Tom Brady and Roger Federer in their retirements, but the arrangement will be in good hands when it hangs up its boots. 16 of the 50 highest-paid athletes in 2023 are under the age of 30, five of whom are 25 or younger.


To determine the ranking of the highest paid athletes in the world, Forbes Track income received between 1any May 2022 and 1any May 2023, drawing on conversations with dozens of sports experts. Most of them asked not to be identified, however Forbes I want to thank Mariano Trasandifrom DODICI Sports Management. ForbesAlso see news articles and salary databases like Capology and Spotrac. All figures are converted to US dollars at the prevailing exchange rate.

Sports income includes prizes, salaries, and bonuses. In cases where players continue to be paid after 1any May for a regular season usually ends on that date, as in the NBA, ForbesThe full season salary is granted. Playoff bonuses for the 2022 MLB and NFL season and for the 2021-2022 NBA season are included. Athletes were not counted for the salary they lost during the league-imposed suspension.

Sports revenue also includes bonuses from the PGA Tour’s Player Impact program and advance payments made to golfers by signing with LIV Golf. Based on conversations with over a dozen industry sources, Forbes It is estimated that higher-level LIV Golf players got half their collateral up front, while lower-level players got more modest amounts.

Additional sports revenue is calculated based on sponsorship deals, appearance rights, licensing revenue, and memorabilia merchandise sales for the 12 months prior to July 1.any May 2023, plus the proceeds of any business in which he has a significant interest. Forbes It does not include investment income such as interest or dividend payments, but does take into account payments for bets sold by athletes. Non-sports revenue is rounded to the nearest half million, except for less than a million dollars.

Forbes Do not deduct taxes or agent fees. The ranking includes active athletes at any time during the last 12 months.

Ranking of the 50 highest-paid athletes in 2023

(Revenue is expressed in millions of dollars, M$)

rank name sports Total revenue sports income non-sports income
1 Cristiano Ronaldo soccer $136 million $46 million $90 million
2 Lionel Messi soccer $130 million $65 million $65 million
3 Kylian Mbappe soccer $120 million $100 million $20 million
4 LeBron James Basketball $119.5 $44.5 million $75 million
5 Canelo Alvarez boxing $110 million $100 million $10 million
6 Dustin Johnson golf $107 million $102 million 5 million dollars
7 Phil Mickelson golf $106 million $104 million $2 million
8 Stephen Curry Basketball $100.4 million $48.4 million 52 million dollars
9 Roger Federer Tennis $95.1 million $0.1 million $95 million
10 Kevin Durant Basketball $89.1 million $44.1 million $45 million
11 Giannis Antikonmo Basketball $87.6 million $42.6 million $45 million
12 Neymar soccer $85 million $50 million $35 million
12 Russell Wilson Football $85 million $72 million $13 million
14 Russell Westbrook Basketball $82.1 million $47.1 million $35 million
15 Rory McIlroy golf $80.8 million $40.8 million $40 million
16 Tiger wood golf $75.1 million $15.1 million $60 million
17 Cameron Smith golf $73 million 67 million dollars 6 million dollars
18 Brooks Koepka golf $72 million $66 million 6 million dollars
19 Kyler Murray Football $70.5 million 67 million dollars 3.5 million dollars
20 Brison Dechambeau golf $69 million $68 million Million dollars
21 Lewis Hamilton F1 $65 million $55 million $10 million
22 Max Verstappen F1 $64 million $60 million $4 million
23 Clay Thompson Basketball $60.9 million $40.9 million $20 million
24 Patrick Mahomes Football $59.3 million $39.3 million $20 million
25 Damien Lillard Basketball $58.6 million $42.6 million $16 million
26 Max Scherzer baseball $56.7 million $55.7 million Million dollars
27 James Harden Basketball $55.1 million $33.1 million $22 million
28 Anthony Joshua boxing 53 million dollars $50 million 3 million dollars
28 John Ram golf 53 million dollars $28 million $25 million
28 Aaron Rodgers Football 53 million dollars $42 million $11 million
28 Mohamed Salah soccer 53 million dollars $35 million $18 million
32 Erling Halland soccer 52 million dollars $40 million $12 million
32 Patrick Reid golf 52 million dollars $49 million 3 million dollars
34 Paul George Basketball $51.1 million $42.5 million $9 million
35 Kawhi Leonard Basketball $50.5 million $42.5 million $8 million
36 Bradley Bell Basketball $49.8 million $43.3 million $6.5 million
37 Derek Carr Football $48.9 million $45.9 million 3 million dollars
38 Orlando Brown Jr Football $48.6 million $48.5 million $0.1 million
39 Aaron Donald Football $48.5 million $46.5 million $2 million
40 Anthony Davis Basketball $48 million 38 million dollars $10 million
41 Jimmy Butler Basketball $47.8 million $37.8 million $10 million
41 John Wall Basketball $47.8 million $47.3 million $0.5 million
43 Jordan Spieth golf $47.5 million $17.5 million $30 million
44 Luka Doncic Basketball $47.2 million $37.2 million $10 million
45 Scotty Shafer golf $47.1 million $32.1 million $15 million
46 Sergio Garcia golf $46 million $43 million 3 million dollars
46 Duck Prescott Football $46 million 31 million dollars $15 million
48 Deshaun Watson Football $45.8 million $45.3 million $0.5 million
49 Serena Williams Tennis $45.3 million $0.3 million $45 million
50 Tom Brady Football $45.2 million $1.2 million $44 million

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Authors: Brett Knight, Matt Craig, Justin Birnbaum

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