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The Fulton County District Attorney opposes Trump’s efforts to file a grand jury special report on interference in the 2020 election

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(CNN) Fulton County District Attorney Fanny Willis has asked the Georgia court to deny Donald Trump’s request to drop the final report and evidence from a special grand jury that has spent months investigating efforts by the former president and his allies to try to overturn the 2020 election.

The district attorney’s office also argued Monday that no new judge should be appointed to hear arguments from Trump’s team, and that a hearing should not be held on the matter.

Trump and others seeking to overthrow a grand jury “don’t just follow the ordinary course of the law,” Willis wrote. is investigating.

“They seek to ‘restrain’ a criminal investigation before charges are brought or even a prosecution; they demand that the judicial system place them above the general administration of criminal law; and they do so by raising arguments about which they have no value, or which they have failed to comply with in a timely manner, or which they have already failed, or which have no basis in law.”

In March, Trump’s lawyers sought to have a special grand jury lawsuit brought by an Atlanta Superior Court judge dismissed and the prosecution excluded from any prosecution related to the sprawling investigation.

Willis, a Democrat, responded Monday that Trump’s proposals are “procedurally flawed” and should be “rejected or rejected as the case may be.”

“Overall, the motions are procedurally flawed and the foregoing arguments lack merit, and the state respectfully requests this court to monitor this matter and to deny or deny motions as appropriate, without a hearing,” Willis said in the court note.

Kathy Latham, one of 16 Republicans who acted as “ghost voters” in a scheme to sabotage the Electoral College in Georgia, has joined Trump’s long-running proposal to intervene in the investigation. Longtime Fulton County prosecutor.

In addition to signing fraudulent testimony papers for Trump, Latham was also caught on security video spending hours inside the restricted areas of the Coffee County Elections office when voter data was compromised on January 7, 2021 — the day after the United States Capitol riot.

Widespread objections from Trump’s lawyers covered a number of decisions made by the judge who oversaw the grand jury, the behavior of the Fulton County attorney and a variety of media interviews. By Grand Jury Special Predecessor.

In the court’s motion filed in March, Trump’s legal team wrote that the investigation “was conducted under an unconstitutional law, through an illegal and unconstitutional process, and by an office of attorney.” An unqualified general violated prosecution standards and acted in disregard of the grave circumstances and constitutional rights of those involved. »

Willis’ response on Monday defended his office’s actions and argued there were no grounds for disqualification or evidence that the grand jury investigation was “tainted” in any way.

“Movantes presents constitutional arguments in which they have no place and which fail to establish the unconstitutionality of the relevant laws,” Willis wrote in Monday’s filing.

In a statement released late Monday, Trump’s Georgia legal team said it would ask the court on Tuesday for an extension to file a response, adding that Willis’ case was “primarily procedural in nature and did not address several important substantive issues.”

Willis also argued that the Trump team waited too long to say they should be removed from the investigation of the former president.

“In his own estimation, Mr. Trump has been at the center of an investigation that has dragged on for more than two years, and only now is ready to fire the attorney general,” Willis wrote.

Also on Monday, a consortium of news media companies, including CNN, filed in an Atlanta court an objection to Trump’s attempt to overturn the grand jury report, arguing that the report should be released in full.

“Not only is this remedy unsupported by any legal basis, but it would also be in stark contrast to the fundamental principles of this nation and this country,” the media group wrote.

Willis plans to announce this summer whether she will file charges against Trump or his allies, according to a letter sent to local law enforcement officials and obtained by CNN. Willis said in the letter that she plans to announce between July 11 and September 1.

Willis’ office is considering filing racketeering and conspiracy charges over the actions of Trump and his associates following the 2020 election in Georgia.

This story has been updated with additional information.

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