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The platform that simplifies real estate financing and insurance solutions

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To enable real estate professionals to better support their clients, Eloa has developed the eImmo solution, a platform that combines credit and insurance solutions. Its CEO, Ludovic Laborde, tells us more.

Introduced us to Elwa?

Eloa is a SaaS BtoBtoC platform for real estate professionals, which allows them to integrate credit and insurance solutions into their customer journey. The company has been around for four years, we’ve been developing the eImmo solution for two years, and we already have more than 3,000 professional subscribers on our platform.

How did the idea to create an eImmo solution come about?

I’ve been in the real estate industry for more than 15 years, and to date, there is no digital service around finance and insurance for professionals. An individual can go and take out a loan from their bank, or an insurance with their insurance company. For his part, a real estate professional could put his client in contact with a broker or banker, but there was no digital process, which is what often makes this type of partnership so successful. Whether it was a real estate professional, broker, or individual, no one person had complete visibility into everyone’s actions.

How does the platform work?

The idea of ​​eImmo is to provide real estate credit score. Regarding the client profile, property type, and location, the professional will allow his client to instantly see the price and monthly payment that he will receive. It is not a simple simulation made from the prices published each month in Barometers, it is a result developed by us eImmo solutionEvery month, more than 20,000 credit files are prepared. Real estate professionals can also offer their clients a complete journey of financing and insurance applications. In the platform, the professional as well as the buyer have a global view of each stage, and of the progress of the services they have subscribed to.

Our solution is plug and play. On our site, real estate professionals can sign up, choose their different licenses, and configure their own white label. Immediately, their eImmo solution appears. Inside, they can create smart simulators that allow them to get points on a mortgage, which they can embed into their site or email to buyers/investors, so they can apply for financing.

You offer your customers the possibility to use eImmo as a white label, so why the choice?

We started from the principle that real estate professionals often have well-established brands in their sector. Right from the start, we’ve allowed them to set up their eImmo platform as a white label. They can incorporate their own colors and logo, so that automated emails and the platform reflect their image. When they are on board with their clients, they remain in their environment.

Particularly in the current context, why is it important to check the solvency of buyers before even searching for properties?

We are now in a tight real estate market, banking partners are cautious, rates are rising and real estate prices are high. Our solution allows real estate professionals, before the first meeting, to Knowledge of the borrowing capacity and financial solvency of its customersTo direct them towards a property that is compatible with their financing capacity. It saves time for both the professional and the buyer, who at the moment T knows how much he can borrow, because he knows the rate, debt ratio, monthly payment, and total cost of credit. When they want to buy, the French often have dreams that do not match their ability to buy, so it is important to know this fact.

What are the advantages of Journey Integrated Mortgage for Buyers?

On the same platform, the acquirer will have financing and insurance solutions. He will be able to get his home insurance directly, but also he can apply for a mortgage, accompanied by Eloa affiliated brokers. He has a comparison of several brokers, allowing him to get a list of different rates and monthly payments. This funding comparison is unprecedented. All these functions make it possible to complete the real estate project.

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