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Disney+ lost 4 million subscribers | Telefonica records a decline in profits

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No. Today ➡ $21.8 billion | Disney posted to her Quarterly resultswith turnover volume $21.8 billion, up 13%. However, the number of subscribers in Disney + experienced an unexpected decline, with Four million subscribers lost, to reach 157.8 million. Despite this, average revenue per subscription increased by 13%. Theme parks reported a 17% increase in sales, while sales of derivative products fell 23%. Disney managed to control costs and net profit nearly tripled to $1.488 billion.


in decline ➡ Telefonica reported a sharp drop in first-quarter net profit despite booming sales Net profit decreased by 58% 706 million Euros last yeare to 298 million euros this year. This decrease is due to the unfavorable comparison effect and inflation effect on the company’s profitability. However, the turnover increased by 6.7%, reaching 10.04 billion euros. Telefonica remains confident in its financial goals for the year and continues to reduce its debt, which is down 3.5% compared to the previous year.

Despite this mixed performance, Telefonica It recorded revenue growth in all markets in which it operates, particularly in Germany and on Brazil. The Spanish market accounts for a large portion of its revenue, followed by Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom and the rest of Latin America. The Spanish group remains optimistic about its future prospects and confirms the distribution of a cash dividend of 0.30 euros per share for the year 2023. These results are published in the context of increasing competition in the Spanish market, with the expectation of approval of the merger agreement between orange And massmovil by the European Commission.

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