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Discover the Laurier Greek Restaurant on the Champs-Elysées

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At Galeries Lafayette, in the Art-Déco building on the Champs Elysées, Chef Andréa Mavrommatis has laid out the pots and opened his restaurant / tea room on the first floor, in a bright setting overlooking the most beautiful avenue in Paris!

Back a little

Andreas Mavromatis – © Laurier

For those who don’t know the Mavromatis brothers, they started in the 1980s with “Les Délices d’Aphrodite”, a small restaurant located in the Mouffetard district.
The opening of which was followed by several shops and a star of the same name.

The room here is simple but bright with large windows looking out onto the Champs Elysees, accompanied by blond wood tables and chairs.
Regis Botha was the project manager. A follower of the scheme who made all the furniture and of course provided a favorite place for the laurel inside the restaurant, a beautiful symbol of victory and wisdom in the Greek civilisation.

At Le Laurier, the chef invites you to honor his Hellenic heritage, between tradition and modernity.
Here everything is fresh, homemade and seasonal! Especially since most of their products come directly from Greece.
It offers you generous dishes, revisiting the culinary traditions of the ancestors, with one absolute: respect for tastes and flavours.
It is a beautiful bait and visual journey in the Mediterranean.
Because the dishes here are colourful, aesthetically pleasing, almost plates, prepared with care and precision.
It’s hard to choose between the delicious “mazedes” served with pita bread, eggplant confit, all lightly done with cut vegetables, sheep’s milk halloumi (pumpkin soup with cinnamon, chestnuts and carob honey), the unmissable Crete salad, with feta cheese and crunchy vegetables, moussaka Vegetables, grilled cod or grilled octopus.
A feast for the eyes and taste buds!

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