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Adapting to each project, the heart of Mon Concept Habitation

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Renovations can often become a source of endless problems: delays, slipping budgets, bad work… Recommendations from relatives can help find a qualified company. Other than that, there’s Mon Concept Habitation and its unique approach to renovations.

Offer turnkey for renovation works

Many companies offer renovation services. However, most of them only master one aspect, sometimes architecture, sometimes execution of work. However, these two aspects are essential to the success of every project. It is from this observation that Mon Concept Habitation was born, to provide a complete solution for all projects. The firm combines architectural and technical expertise, thus becoming the leading design-build agency in renovation. Each site is monitored by a dedicated team, made up of an interior designer, and a works manager, to design and centralize plans throughout the work phase; In addition to having a Project Manager at all stages to meet budgets and deadlines. To honor this commitment and adapt to sites that are often life projects, of particular interest to clients, MCH relies on highly paid teams of specialized workers or subcontractors covering all trades, as well as a proven effective four-step process.

Four steps to meet the specifics of each project

Each project is unique, Mon Concept residential first studies its feasibility, collects the needs and desires of customers, and sends an architect and project manager to the site. It is only at the end of this first stage that a detailed estimate is submitted stating the deadlines. The MCH engineer then draws up the plans and customizes the project by selecting the materials used with the client, to ensure full control of the budget and to avoid unpleasant surprises on delivery. This stage is of crucial importance, because it definitively validates each project and determines the success of the next stage, the implementation stage, by removing all the difficulties in the initial stages. The MCH is in fact a designer-producer, and on the basis of the plans made during the second stage, the workers are thus dependent while carrying out the work, thus concentrating on their craft. Clients can speak daily with the team assigned to their project, and follow the progress of work thanks to site visits and photo and video reports sent. Finally comes the handover of the site and the elevation of the reserves, and finally the only traditional phase of the Mon Concept Habitation specific approach.

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