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Environment | Hydrogen for the company’s cars, 15 million euros to protect birds, and new connected hours for public lighting

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In France and around the world, efforts are needed to reconcile the economy and the environment. Here are the five green initiatives for this week.

communications Hydrogen in the service of commercial electric vehicle fleets

PlugPower, a provider of turnkey green hydrogen solutions, has unveiled a new high-power stationary fuel cell solution to accelerate the deployment of commercial electric vehicle fleets. power plug Introduces a new high-power stationary fuel cell system to help companies charge their commercial electric vehicle (EV) fleets. This innovative hydrogen-powered system will remove barriers to deploying electric vehicle fleets, such as limitations on grid supply capabilities, clean energy requirements and long delays in upgrading infrastructures.

Biodiversity ➡ 15 million euros to protect birds from power lines

Every year, millions of birds die due to electrical installations. To protect birds, the European Commission has awarded the programme “LIFE SafeLines4Birds” envelope from 15 million euros. Bird death due to collision, electrocution and disturbance during the breeding season poses a serious threat to some bird species. To reduce bird deaths caused by power lines, the European Commission is injecting 15 million euros into the “LIFE SafeLines4Birds” program for an unprecedented six-year action plan that has been published in particular in France, Belgium and Portugal.

province ➡ Boralex opens energy storage unit in Brittany

Renewable energy product Boralex Announces the start-up of its second energy storage unit in France, installed in Plognes in Brittany. After the Moulins du Lohan wind farm, Boralex continues to develop its business in France by opening a new energy storage unit. Installed at the Plouguin wind farm in Brittany, this battery is capable of storing more than 3.3 megawatt hours of energy. This will make it possible to consolidate and stabilize the French electricity network, in particular in Brittany.

water ➡ Vilaine Atlantique supplies drinking water to Brittany

The Vilaine Atlantique drinking water plant borders three departments (Morbihan, Ille-et-Vilaine and Loire Atlantique), located in Férel (56) and is the largest drinking water production infrastructure of Brittany. To ensure the supply of drinking water from Saint-Nazaire to Vannes, via La Baule, Redon and nearby Rennes, the factory has just undergone a renovation costing around 22 million euros.

energy ➡ At Doubs, connected clocks to improve general lighting

A municipality in Dobbs used connected astronomical clocks to remotely control and manage public lighting, saving energy as a result. We eliminated general lighting from midnight to 5 am, enabling us to achieve 40% savings by going from 4100 hours of lighting per year to 2400 hours! ” And so on Thierry ButtVice President of Technical Services for the City of Odinkur (Dobbs) presents the first results of the modernization of public lighting in his town. ” We wanted to remotely control our astronomical clocks to gain flexibility That’s why the community called for the Pyrescom-designed EPnrj Connected Astronomical Clock solution.

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