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Nintendo Exceeds Its Annual Targets | Aramco profits drop

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No. Today ➡ 432.8 billion | Nintendo, announced its annual results that exceeded its expectations, mainly due to maintaining game sales. However, the company remains cautious about the future, given the declining sales of its older console, and converts. Nintendo reported a net profit of 432.8 billion yen (about 2.9 billion euros), which limited its decline to only 9%. Despite this, the company expects to post a net profit of 340 billion yen for the 2023/24 fiscal year, which is a decrease of 21%. Nintendo has been able to maintain sales of its games, even in the face of increasing competition in the video game market and the arrival of new consoles. However, the convertswhich launched several years ago, is seeing declining sales, prompting Nintendo to tread carefully over the next year.


To boost its sales and maintain its leading position in the industry, the company is currently working on and may be planning new games Launch a new console. It remains confident in its ability to adapt to market developments. Investor reaction was mixed, as Nintendo’s share price fell slightly following the announcement.


News ➡ Aramco profits fall 19% | Saudi oil giant Aramco announce Net profit decreased by 19% in the first quarter of 2023Up to $31.9 billion. This decrease is attributed to Falling oil prices. Despite this, Aramco maintains its expansion plans and says that oil and gas will remain central to the global energy mix. The company remains a major player in financing the program Vision 2030 to Arabic Saudi. By 2022, Aramco will post record profits of $161.1 billion, marking a turning point after years of falling oil prices.

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