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Le Samadeva: luxury styles and a company with human values

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Founded 20 years ago, Samadeva Free University It offers weekend getaways to the general public and training in the luxury trades, all based on traditional methods enriched with modern approaches. Since January 2021, A new dynamic management trioWith the support of an international team of enthusiasts, he has set himself the challenge of continuing this company’s adventure and making these methods known to all those seeking to improve their well-being, relationships and quality of life.

A company that puts human values ​​at the heart of its purpose

It was founded by Idriss Lahore in 2003 Surrounded by seven co-founders, the free mission of the University of Samadeva is to impart knowledge, know-how, and interpersonal skills that bring greater well-being, relational harmony, and personal and spiritual development, independent of any affiliation, belief, or ideology.

We are in a time when life is full: profession, family, hobbies, but also the Internet, information, social networks, smartphones, and other notifications … And although this modern life is rich, many suffer from stress, illness or feeling as bad. -He is. In fact, our company focuses on Improve life outdoors And we often forget that what is essential is the way we live our lives, the quality of our inner experience: The quality of being.

And that’s why for more than 20 years, Samadeva Free University It offers all those interested the means to free themselves from the difficulties they face and live their lives better. The reason for the existence of this company is to achieve more physical and psychological well-being, recovery, improve the quality of life and self-realization in society, family and profession …

A team of enthusiasts for a logical project

Since its inception, this company has brought together people from different backgrounds: health, well-being, personal development, spirituality… Whether they are doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, Middle Eastern, Oriental or Hindu medicine specialists, experts in yoga, meditation or just share the same aspirations.

Set in a wonderful location in the heart of the Alsatian Forest – an eco-hotel with an organic vegetarian restaurant, personalized rooms and an environment conducive to recharging the batteries – this center of well-being and stress reduction has been developed over the years into the current Free University of Samadeva, a place of healing and training in luxury professions. Over the years, it has been published by several partner centers in France and in more than 25 countries, in Europe, Brazil, Morocco, Russia, Ukraine, China, the United States …

It is in this continuity that Chaz Arona Lenin, Solveiga Buoziute and Jean Poirotall three of whom have been trained for 10 to 20 years in these areas, take over the management of this exceptional company, surrounded by an equally enthusiastic team, united by friendship and a desire to uphold great human values. Peace, kindness and joy of life…


Samadeva: A variety of approaches to well-being, self-knowledge, and personal development

Idris Lahore, who was behind the establishment of the Free Samadeva UniversityHe was an outstanding healer, traveled extensively and was trained in many traditional methods of the Middle East and Far East. Bring to the West samadevaComprehensive education combines 9 branches that make it possible to approach all dimensions of the human being: the physical approaches, others to the emotions and the mind, the vital, systemic and spiritual dimensions … and adapt them to the human being today, to preserve the essentials: an art of living that everyone can incorporate in their own way in their daily life, to improve their personal, relational and professional lives …

From a health point of view, these are above all ways to well-being, and therefore promote good health (by reducing stress for example) that can sometimes be used in addition to traditional health methods. althoug, These methods do not replace psychological or medical consultations and are not intended to treat diseaseseven if health professionals could Used in conjunction with traditional treatments.


Of the nine branches, 5 are considered the foundations of happiness and harmony in life: Samara yoga, energy techniques for well-being, enneagram psychology and new spiritual psychology or even transgenerational and systemic techniques (commonly known as family and systemic horoscopes). Its four complementary branches are: Manual Techniques for the Spine and Joints – Health Through Botanicals and Essences – Dietetics, Food and Biological Nutrition – All Art FormsEspecially singing and music. In all of these areas, the samadeva It presents knowledge and knowledge applied by all those interested in it.

All of these methods can be approached either for doing good, during discovery days, weekends for the general public (yoga, meditation, massage, practical psychology, healing, etc.), or for professional training in these methods (yoga teacher, energy coach. , massage practitioner, constellation practitioner, Reiki practitioner, etc.). Some are just getting started Watch videos on Samadeva Youtube channel, by reading one of the many books, or come and try one of these ways to well-being in a small group. This wide variety of offerings and routes makes Samadeva accessible to all.

Human morals and positive opinions

Samadeva Free University is a company with humanitarian and environmental ethics In the broad sense of the term. “We strive to be consistent with the methods taught: Yoga and meditation ranges are offered at different times of the day, we encourage teamwork… It improves the bonds between us and clients. They often mention this relational quality, the smiles, the atmosphere… It is also One of the most common comments in the opinions and testimonials of participants.

“For the environmental aspect, we chose organic, vegan and alcohol-free food, and the use of environmentally friendly products for building maintenance. We also have a shop on site with organic and natural products.”


In accordance with this same ethic, the company’s partners have, since its inception, made the choice to reinvest their profits in the development of the activity, to create new jobs and to support the diffusion of Samadeva Wellness Methods In the world.

Although the external context is not always easy (covid, war, inflation, etc.) Samadeva to continue its development in the different regions of France and in the many countries where Samadeva is representedWherever men and women are looking for solutions to stress, depression and conflicted relationships to be happier in their daily lives, themselves and their loved ones.

It is precisely because these aspirations are so widely shared samadeva s’adresse to the most talented people of all horizons: aux professionnels of santé qui veulent compléter leurs compétences, aux personnes en reconversion professionnelle, or all but simplement to cells and ceux who veulent is faire du bien, quels que soient le milieu, l’age , the culture. Moreover, the managerial trio is a good representation of this cultural diversity, since Solveiga is of Lithuanian descent, Chaz is of Indian descent and Jean, who is of France…

Committed to a better world…

In 2020, after the death of Idris Lahore, Solvega, Jan and Shaz, with the support of the founders, took over the company together. For this management trio, it is the beginning of an extraordinary adventure: how to ensure that this precious heritage continues to be channeled into the future… “All three of us are passionate about wellbeing, yoga and development. A glimpse into the company’s state of mind and human values. In January 2021, with the coronavirus crisis, An opportunity arose: we offered to take over management Samadeva Free University, following Olivier Benhamou who held the position for 17 years, while teaching these methods all over the world. So, we’ve taken over the business model and brand of samadevaby integrating a team of young people who share the same values, along with the older ones, to make it more accessible to Samadeva wellness activities. Everyone’s intention Samadeva actors Determined to bring more serenity, mutual understanding and joy of life to the world…

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