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Chrono Green, the app that revolutionized professional delivery

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Urgent or Planned, Chrono Green’s expertise is expedited delivery management. The French company, which specializes in last-mile delivery, has developed an innovative mobile application dedicated to professionals. This allows you to create a race with a few clicks and then track your goods in real time with a preference for greener modes of transportation.

How did you come up with the idea for the app?

After making the first deliveries, I realized that I could simplify, even amplify this sector. I spent a year recording all the problems I encountered with one goal in mind: to find the solution that would solve them all. From there the idea of ​​digitizing this area was born
By creating a simple app for professionals to enable them to find a carrier near their pick up point. We started by deploying our solution in the IDF, where traffic is the most intense, and then expanded our network to the largest French cities. Chrono Green guarantees delivery in less than 2 hours for professionals in Paris and we deliver your equipment and packages anywhere in France!

What are the strengths of your application?

Realizing that our sector of activity bears its share of responsibility for pollution, our aim is to encourage our network of carriers to use more “green” modes of travel, emissions
less greenhouse gases. To motivate them, we offer higher compensation to those who use electric vehicles or natural gas. In order not to affect our customers, we have chosen to lower our commission on these modes of transportation. Another key point is that the app’s algorithm only sends groceries to carriers close to the loading position, which greatly reduces the mileage on the first trip. Flexibility is one of our strengths, our app is developed by our in-house developer team and on our own money. If tomorrow the customer wants to add a specific feature, we can implement it very quickly.

Who are the Greens?

The purpose of our application is also to improve the commercial potential of carriers. The Greeners are certified moving professionals that we train, which also allows us to guarantee quality service.

Your vehicle fleet is very diverse?

This ranges from cargo bikes to 20m3 in order to respond, always in an appropriate manner. Our goal is also to prepare for 2024, when diesel vehicles will no longer be able to reach Paris. We are ready to offer new alternatives, the cargo bike is one of them, and also the electric scooter, the idea
It is to move towards the least polluting means of transport as possible.

What if we talk about the future?

Our application has not yet reached its limits, especially in the part of the truck under development. In addition, we decided to tackle a new market, that of individuals who have a dedicated application that allows connecting a computer, furniture or even organization
moving house. It is now available in all stores.

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