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Séverine GHYS, Executive Coach specializing in Communication, Leadership and Public Speaking

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She is the woman in the shadows who works alongside leaders and their teams to help them improve their communication and embody the true leadership that they are. Séverine GHYS credo: aim for excellence while staying true to yourself.

Time for yourself to overcome the leader’s loneliness

For several years, Séverine GHYS has helped leaders, managers and political leaders articulate their vision more clearly and prepare their public speeches to be more impactful on D-Day, with a confident and calm attitude. To exercise authentic and inspiring leadership, introspection is essential in order to better know oneself and to embody one’s core values ​​in their daily tasks.

What makes a strong leader? How do you exercise your power while remaining yourself? How do you convey your own relevant insight and intelligence to your teams and clients? What is the attitude to follow when speaking in public? All these questions, clients of Séverine GHYS once asked themselves. Often alone in the face of his decisions, the leader, whose responsibilities entail duties, finds strong support in training and preparing for his leadership tasks in a framework of confidence and confidentiality. Training provides him with a decompression room: “It is time for himself that the leader decides to agree to continue to improve what he is and what he does,” explains Séverine GHYS.

The idea of ​​coaching is to allow every leader or manager to carry his vision and message with originality, flow and evidence, without a “false self” and without another imitation. “Every leader must be able to wear the command uniform that suits him or her, and to accept their weakness as strength.” A compatible and authentic leader will have a positive impact on his teams and their motivation, a fortiori in the context of crisis, change or corporate merger.

Challenging balance that leads to real leadership

For this, the professional trainer actively listens, asks (sometimes annoying) questions and helps the client to clarify their ideas and gain perspective, to find their balance between human duty, business necessity and financial duty. The challenge of balance is at the heart of Séverine GHYS’ latest book: Becoming an Authentic Leader. She will also host a conference on the topic “Authentic Leadership: How Dare You Be Yourself When You Have The Power”, broadcast on the ICF Synergie (International Coaching Federation) YouTube channel.

So that everyone can find and embody their own leadership style, Séverine Ghys uses several coaching techniques that she herself has developed or adapted to her practice: Authentic Leadership (6 steps detailed in her book), Communication Coaching, MBTI Testing, Cognitive Restructuring, Stress Management or Embodying Leadership, Intercultural Coaching, or Appreciative Inquiry (a method that focuses on strengths and successes rather than problems).

Communication is the center of everything

This enthusiast, a graduate of the Faculty of Sciences Po and CELSA-Sorbonne, describes her profession as “a profession, not a job,” and puts people and communication at the heart of her work. She is convinced: “Communication is at the heart of everything, but some leaders are more comfortable with numbers than words. Even in senior positions, the fear of speaking in public is still present. Coaching has a magical side that transforms, I have known somewhat introverted managers who ended up To love speaking in public.” The secret to successful speaking: good preparation in terms of content (pitch and vision) and form (attitude, non-verbal), and a good coach! Before becoming a certified coach, Séverine Ghys founded the editorial agency WebRédacteurs (WR) 20 years ago and, more recently, the company BLEAU COACHING and the publishing house “Les Essentiels Coaching”. Her experience as a communicator with several key accounts now serves her to support her clients in preparing for public speaking. You work with them on the pitch and tell stories, the basic foundations of persuasion with confidence, before having them work on non-verbal language, gestures, intonation, and movements. In the face of stress and fear of speaking in public, she uses visualization and breathing techniques that provide reassurance and give the necessary confidence to address teams, a large gathering, or even the President of the Republic. case of one of its clients.

Long term training “Deep Impact”

Support generally takes four to six months to integrate change, with one session every two weeks, onsite, remote or a combination of both. Some leaders like to work every day, especially to prepare for an important deadline such as a business seminar, round table, or strategic meeting at the top. The Operator will sometimes bring an entire CODIR into the adventure to help him progress. In crisis situations, Séverine GHYS organizes emergency training. “My approach is very practical, and that’s what my clients appreciate, I think. We start from concrete situations to gain elevation and overcome certain obstacles or limiting beliefs.”

Situations that require training are often related to changes in the company: taking a position, creation, merger or acquisition, change of direction, crisis communication, stress, risk of burnout, speaking in CODIR, COMEX … HOW TO LEARN TO DELETE Do you know how to say no or manage your time better? When the pressure of the force is so strong, how can you not directly hit the wall? Questions at the core of today’s business questioning where humans stand in relation to performance, coaching helps find a healthy balance between the two.

An entrepreneur at heart, but also a coach and author, Séverine GHYS loves challenges and is characterized by her solution-oriented approach, her vision of coaching as a lasting partnership between coach and client. “It is not uncommon for a director to contact me after their first training process, either to proceed to a new stage in their development, to prepare a letter, or to train CODIR or its directors.” But make no mistake, behind a humble and benevolent coach hides a relentless professional, who knows that coaching can turn things around and that the words a leader says have a powerful impact on all their teams and entail responsibilities. For the outstanding athlete, good preparation is essential.

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