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Toolib: Facilitate the mobility of people with disabilities or loss of independence

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People with limited mobility, with disabilities or carers, there are 12 million in France who are affected by the issue of disability. In this context, Toolib facilitates the mobility and inclusion of people who have lost independence thanks to digital technology.

“Toolib is a multi-service platform that allows people with disabilities to find solutions tailored to their specific needs”Guillaume Bolaton, Chief Executive Officer. Designed in partnership with occupational therapists, it is built on an algorithm that understands the specific needs of the user. Then, the platform facilitates the booking of accessible accommodation and offers the necessary adjustments according to their capabilities.

The business is not limited to housing. Thanks to equipment – medical, rest or leisure – a field of diverse activities opens up again for people who have lost independence. In fact, the rental of medical equipment makes it possible to transform easily accessible housing into convenient housing (a frequent spike in hotel groups seeing a lot of interest in them for their activity). In addition, the material makes all housing adaptable. “We want to erase the daily brakes that disability represents. The message we want to convey is that they can have the same independence as a so-called ‘good’ person.”says Romain Gauthier, Director of Marketing. “It is important to us that our solution does not stigmatize our users by systematically referring them about their health condition. We take into account the special needs of people with disabilities or loss of independence as those of everyone else..

Toolib’s partner for the development of tourism professionals

Today Toolib is launching a program Professionals can use this algorithm To check the autonomy of people within their structures »Explains the clouds of Bolaton. Thus, hotel owners, camping chains, vacation clubs or public organizations can now use the startup’s technology as a white label and strive for greater inclusivity.

“In terms of accessibility, there is still a long way to go. But we see a desire to do a good job on the part of the public authorities., notice the bolaton clouds. The Social Solidarity Utilities Company has been appointed as the lead for key ministerial measures aimed at allowing the sharing of modified equipment via digital solutions. He was also consulted in the context of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Determined to establish itself as a platform of reference for disability and loss of independence, Toolib raised €1 million last November from various financial partners, in particular family investment group THEOS and BFC Angels. Accompanied by her new partners, she is preparing for her second year-end fundraiser.

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