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Browsing | On the luxury books side: diving with Karl Lagerfeld, Living the Chloé fashion shows and many other surprises

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A selection of some beautiful books in your library! Review the details!

Chronorama “Photographic Treasures of the 20th Century”

Chronorama – © Editions de la Maritinière

Shooting date Twentieth century An inspiration and fascination for art lovers, photography professionals and history buffs. And to celebrate this art that marked that period, the Pinault group She publishes an exceptional reference work entitled Chronorama: Treasures of Twentieth Century Photography. This book collects over 400 autographed photographs by the greatest names in photography such as Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, Horst B. Horst, Lee Miller, and Edward Steichen. Pictures have been published in such famous magazines as Mademoiselle, House & Garden, Glamor, GQ, Vanity Fair and Vogue.

These images illustrate the historical and aesthetic developments of the twentieth century and offer a journey into the heart of the cultural upheaval of the time. This book is a true invitation to discover the creativity of these great photographers who marked their time. Each decade is introduced through a photography specialist text that provides an in-depth analysis of the images shown.

Art lovers and photography buffs will be able to discover images that marked their era, such as Portrait Marcel Duchamp Directed by Man Ray in 1920 or the famous picture of Richard Avedon“Dovima with Elephants”, taken in 1955. This photo became iconic and marked the history of fashion.

Price: 75 euros

Karl Lagerfeld is invisible

Karl Lagerfeld Ansin – © Editions de la Martiniere

Cameraman Robert Ferrer He is known for his dazzling fashion show photography and exclusive work for USA Vogue. In his latest book, Karl Lagerfeld is invisible : the Chanel years, he invites us to discover one of fashion’s best-kept secrets: photographs of stolen moments in fashion’s greatest houses. Fairer opens his archives and takes us behind the scenes of Chanel, from the mid-1990s to the end of the 2000s.

the 250 photos The work shows the energy of fashion show preparations tactilely, just as she meticulously recreates the fittings in the intimacy of the famous salons – ivory and black – on rue Cambon. Texts signed by Lagerfeld’s closest collaborators and friends offer a fresh perspective on his creative process and reveal the genesis of the creations that became iconic.

The price of 59 €.

Stockings and Corset Slides: 60 trendy items!

Tights & Corset Slippers – © Editions de la Maritinière

Fashion is a living art, its clothes are all cultural, generational and identity symbols. With this publication, Mathilde Berthier and Céline Cabourg have chosen to approach their new work, entitled Clapper Socks and Corsets: 60 Fashionable Objects.

In this book written by 288 pagesThe authors question the forms, circulation and symbols of fashion, by reconsidering the grammar of language 60 unique pieces. They explore different labels of class, gender, and generation, through concrete examples that provide a better understanding of the social and cultural issues of fashion.

Mathilde Brethierjournalist for fashion magazines such as Jalouse and Grazia, and Celine Kabourg, who specializes in writing long-form formats on social issues, offer an original and rigorous approach to fashion, based on their own experience and journalistic knowledge.

The book is an intelligent blend of history and sociology, which offers an in-depth reflection on issues of fashion over time. Readers will be able to discover iconic pieces such as the slipper stocking and corset, as well as other garments that have marked the history of fashion and have a special meaning for society.

Price: 75 euros

Chloe: The podium

Chloe Paradis – © Editions de la Maritinière

French fashion brand renal famous voice 70th birthday With the release of her first anthology, Chloé – Défilés, in collaboration with the Maison. This publication provides a rare glimpse into one of the world’s most progressive fashion brands and highlights over 130 groundbreaking collections, from the brand’s founder Gabe Aghion(with over 1,100 outfits worn by supermodels), by current Creative Director, Gabriela Hearst.

Organized chronologically, each new chapter in Chloe’s story is introduced through a biography of the creative director. The strengths of each collection are described in short texts analyzing their sources of inspiration, accompanied by carefully selected catwalk images. Provides a wealth of valuable information on the inspirations, technologies, and trends that have defined the brand’s history.

Since its inception in 1952, Chloe has become an iconic fashion brand, offering luxury ready-to-wear based on simplicity and femininity. The designers who succeeded each other within the House contributed to shaping the bohemian chic style that marked the history of fashion. Karl Lagerfeld, who joined Chloé in 1964 as a freelance designer before taking sole creative reins for the brand, fashioned retro fashion inspired by the 1920s and 1930s, in the spirit of freedom, decadence and clean elegance. Until the seventies. The following iconic directors – Martin Stepbon, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, Claire Waight Keller and Natasha Ramsey-Levy – each brought their own unique touch to the feminine essence of the Chloe woman.

Price: 59 euros

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