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The magicians swing in turn

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Penguin Magic has literally boosted a magician’s career by selling magic trick secrets online, allowing apprentice magicians to perform their tricks. But unlike the taxi drivers, professional magicians were able to turn this attack in their favor, as if by magic…

The American site Penguin Magic sells tricks that allow you to perform magic tricks. Each trick is presented through a video, which naturally does not reveal the trick. It can be obtained with a simple click, by purchasing it online.

At the time of writing, the videos on the Penguin Magic website have been downloaded over 1 billion times. Unparalleled free advertising for the site.

At first, the creators of the site thought that there would be few people willing to buy magic tricks. What was their nasty surprise when they found out that professional magicians rarely buy the stuff. Pointless, the thirty or so magic tricks they master are enough to impress an audience that changes every night. But what was their happy surprise when, on the other hand, they realized that amateur magicians needed new tricks more regularly, because their audiences (families, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc.) did not change overnight. So it had to be constantly renewed.

Then professional magicians got involved. They are particularly demanding of residents but tend to applaud when things are well done, and have not failed to provide opinions, comments, and advice after videos that have revealed things. more than 82,000 comments have been posted since the site was created.

Race results, emulation is born. Comments that mixed kindness, encouragement, and challenges made each other want to constantly come up with new magic tricks. In the profession of a magician, this changes everything. While it took him a year to imagine, testing it in his dressing room, then testing it in small rooms first and then in large ones, a new trick, the site reduces that period to one month. The best magicians attract audiences never before seen by the profession and contribute to making the new TED site for magic.

As if by magic, professional magicians manage to regain control of the situation in the face of uberization. But what trick does it go through? Maybe someday they will reveal the trick to retrain taxi drivers, who bought it on Penguin Magic?

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