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‘I found myself supporting the crowd’

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A compelling text by former Fox News star Tucker Carlson, published in The New York Times on Tuesday, finally reveals the beginning of the chain of events that led to his ouster by the right-wing network last month.

Written in the aftermath of the Capitol uprising on January 6, the script was peppered with vitriolic racism, violent language, and a meditation on his own lack of morals, with the host acknowledging his desire to support those who “surrounded a child of Antifa and started bombing neighborhoods out of him.”

Carlson wrote, “Suddenly I found myself supporting the mob against the man, hoping they would beat him hard and kill him. I really wanted them to hurt the kid. I could taste it. Then somewhere in the back of my mind an alarm went off: This is not good for me. I became a thing.” “I don’t want to be.”

The script, written by one of the script producers, was part of what appeared upon discovery in Dominion Voting Systems’ lawsuit against Fox News. According to The Times, the scenario alarmed Fox executives so much that they told the board the next day that they had hired an outside law firm to investigate.

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The full text is as follows: Two weeks ago I was watching a video of people fighting in the streets of Washington. A group of overbearing men surrounded an antifa kid and started beating him. It was at least three against one. Obviously, jumping on a guy like that is a shame. Not the way white men fight. Yet I suddenly found myself supporting the mob against the man, hoping that they would beat him severely and kill him. I really wanted them to hurt the child. I can taste it. Then somewhere in the depths of my brain, an alarm went off: This is not good for me. I became something I didn’t want to be. The rampant human antifa. As much as I despise what he says and does, and as I am sure I would hate him personally if I had known him, I would not rejoice in his suffering. This must bother me. I have to remind myself that somewhere maybe someone loves this kid, and he would be crushed if killed. If I don’t care about these things, and if I cut people off from their politics, how can I be better than him? ”

This has added to Fox News’ growing concerns about its highest-rated star, according to The Times. Other material that appeared upon discovery in the Dominion case was interesting, as Carlson’s other posts contained vulgar and sexist language — including one in which he said he hated Trump “with a passion.”

But Carlson also came into conflict with Fox News bosses, among other things, over his feelings that the network failed to adequately protect him during the case. Things apparently got so bad that Carlson had to find an intermediary between himself and Fox’s communications department.

Carlson was fired on April 24, a decision he later said completely surprised him.

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