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What are the main tools recommended for freelancers?

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Freelancing is a particularly rewarding experience, but it also involves being responsible for your own resources to carry out your projects. Many tools exist today to help freelancers improve their work and provide excellent service.

Easily manage all your professional projects

there Project management It is an essential skill for the self-employed. It allows them to stay organized, track their tasks and meet delivery deadlines. several Project management tools It is possible to ensure strict follow-up of your professional commitments. This includes, among other things, TrelloAnd Asanaor base camp. Feel free to refer to each tool’s specification read more.

These different apps and platforms allow the self-employed to:

  • create to-do lists;
  • to assign them to specific projects;
  • arrange them in order of priority;
  • To follow up each project from order submission to client delivery.

These tools also sometimes provide the possibility Cooperate with customers and team members, Share files Based on Receive notifications for important tasks.

Plan your work time and availability

the Time tracking Obviously, it is crucial for the self-employed, who get paid on a basis average daily rate (TJM). It allows them to accurately calculate their hours and determine how much time they spend on each project.

Tools like switchAnd crop or clockify Offering freelance-friendly features to:

  • assessment of their working time;
  • Generate detailed reports on working hours;
  • Create invoices based on recorded hours.

Box: Don’t forget to keep training!

In order to remain competitive in the freelance job market, it is best to continually develop your skills. affiliate Online learning platforms like UdemyAnd Coursera or LinkedIn learning Offering freely accessible courses on a variety of topics, from personal development to specific job skills.

Communicate seamlessly with your customers

The success of the freelance assignment necessarily depends on transparent and constant communication with the client. Some dedicated tools will greatly facilitate the exchange of information in real time with all your professional contacts: this includes in particular slackAnd Microsoft Teams And Google is dead.

the Communication tools Allow self-employed:

  • to keep in touch with their customers;
  • to share work files;
  • to hold virtual meetings or video conferencing;
  • To create specific communication channels for each project.

Save time on administrative and accounting tasks

Financial and administrative management, due to its potentially time-consuming nature, is an aspect that must be carefully considered by the freelancer. Some financial management tools will help you to keep your accounts organized and organized. QuickBooksAnd FreshBooks or Wave Offering fluid and ergonomic solutions to the self-employed for:

  • managing their accounts;
  • keep track of their income and expenses;
  • create professional invoices;
  • Track payments
  • Facilitate the filing of the income tax return.

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