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Aperol is collaborating with Les Toqué Frères on a limited edition pop and vibe

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Aperol, the iconic Italian aperitif orange brand, has announced its collaboration with Les Toqué Frères, a duo of celebrated artists. This exclusive capsule collaboration gave birth to an adorable pop-up case to decorate an Aperol bottle.

collaboration between Aperol And Tuck brothers Offers a new appetizing experience, with an exclusive limited edition, pop and refreshing design. This collaboration demonstrates the Campari Group’s desire to work with artists to bring innovative and inspiring products to consumers. Tuck brothers, Martin And Felixhave come up with a bright orange design that pays homage to the world of the Aperol brand and the famous cocktail recipe.

The Aperol brand is known for its unique orange color and bitter-sweet taste. With this box, he highlights his incomparable imprint and makes it a constant interior object.


Campari groupthe owner of Aperol, is a prof A major player in the global beverage sector. It is present in more than 190 countries He holds leadership positions in Europe And in The Americas. Founded in 1860, the Campari Group is today the world’s sixth largest player in the premium spirits sector. Its portfolio of more than 50 brands includes spirits (its core business), wines and soft drinks. Its world-famous brands include Aperol, Appleton Estate, Campari, SKYY, Wild Turkey and Grand Marnier. France, a French company of the Campari Group, specializes in the distribution on the French market of a full range of international brands of spirits, wines and champagnes. In the spirits category, Campari France distributes several brands belonging to the Campari group, such as Aperol, Campari, Cynar, The Glen Grant, Appleton Estate, Trois Rivières, Maison La Mauny, Grand Marnier, Picon, Bulldog Gin, Bickens Gin, SKYY Vodka and Sagatiba as well as a non-alcoholic aperitif Crudino. Collaboration with Les Toqué Frères is part of the Campari Group’s strategy Work with artists to create exclusive designs for its brands. Engaging emerging artists, the company is committed to supporting the artistic community while offering consumers innovative and inspiring products.

This limited edition Aperol x Toqué Frères is available exclusively at Eataly Paris Marais.

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