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FG to Pay the Egyptian Visa Fee for the Stranded Nigerians

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Nigerian Diaspora Commission Chairman Abeke Dabiri-Erewa said on Saturday that the mission in Egypt is arranging the payment of visa fees for Nigerians stranded at the country’s borders.

On Friday, the federal government called on the concerned authorities along the contiguous Sudanese borders to create humane conditions for about 7,000 citizens, including Nigerians, for unrestricted access to their various destinations.

Dabiri-Eriwa, who made the call, said that the citizens have not been allowed to cross the Egyptian border since their arrival on Thursday evening.

However, giving an update on the Nigerians stranded at the Egyptian border, Dabiri Irewa said, “The mission has made arrangements to pay nine dollars per person and $25 visa fee. In Egypt itself, one cannot travel from one region to another without an exit permit “…we expect the CI30 to go off within the hour. NAF prepares to leave with food etc. to Aswan. »

Meanwhile, our reporter understands that some state governments have evacuated indigenous people or those they care for on Shabbat.

Our correspondent gathers that Borno, Jigawa and Kaduna have come for their indigenous people.

“Yes, the Kaduna and Jigawa state governments deferred their students today,” confirmed the President of the Nigerian Community (Forum of the Elders) in Sudan, Dr. Hashem Nala Allah.

“The Kaduna government transferred its students and left today,” said another student, Abdullah Anyabuga.

However, those who were not evacuated expressed disappointment that the ceasefire expires on Sunday.

The Nigerian Embassy in Sudan said on Friday that the second batch of evacuations of Nigerians stranded in Khartoum to Egypt will start on Saturday. This came in a statement signed by the Chargé d’Affairs, Eng. Jarko.

Speaking to our correspondent, Mubarak Ahmed, head of the Yoruba Students Association in Sudan, said that embassy officials say they are waiting for an ultimatum for lack of funds, adding that students have gathered at the university. earlier in the day and waited for a solution to their plight, which was unsuccessful.

Ahmed added, “We have been here since five in the morning. We are tired of sitting on the bus since the morning. Until now, the buses have not moved. The drivers claimed that they did not receive their wages.”

The embassy officials said there was no money… They were waiting for the alert. We met here this morning at Al-Razi University in Al-Azhari in Khartoum.

As Al-Amin Ahmed, President of the Nasarawa State Student Union, Sudan, said: “We are tired of this situation. We were very happy when we saw these buses. Every morning we sat on the bus, but after a few hours we got off. We had enough buses to different universities but The drivers refused to ride because they claimed they had not been paid. The Nigerian government is playing with this ceasefire. By Sunday, it will be over. I wonder what will happen to some of us here.”

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