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Road safety: the central role of private actors alongside public authorities

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Road accidents are the eighth leading cause of death worldwide, currently killing around 1.3 million people each year, or one person every 24 seconds. To continue to work effectively in terms of prevention, the United Nations has called for the commitment of governments and civil society, as well as private companies, industry and the automotive ecosystem. Road transport is an integral part of our daily lives and has a significant impact on our lives. Safer, more responsible and more sustainable mobility must also be at the heart of all attention.

A dynamic of global change led by the United Nations

As part of the sustainable development goals to In particular, reduce the number of road accidents by 50% by 2030[1]I’United nations Member States are encouraged to strengthen multi-stakeholder partnerships. He therefore called on companies and industries of all sizes and in all sectors to take concrete action based on the principle of a “safe system” inspired by the concept of “Vision Zero” (this approach provides “a set of design and operating principles to guide work towards the long-term goal of zero death and injury serious”).[2]

They also responded presently, recognizing the importance of the topic. Their participation is particularly reflected in the tire sector through the creation of Tire industry project (advice) of WBCSDIt is a global forum on sustainable development in the tire industry, and aims to accelerate the impact of the tire value chain with the aim of making it a factor in road safety. Other players have chosen to carry out campaigns to raise awareness and support the Association Prévention Routière, one of the most active associations in France with regard to road safety education, targeting especially the youngest and first victims of road accidents. And still others have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the UN Trust Fund. United nations for road safety.

Innovation in the automotive industry: key to progress in road safety

Part of the auto industry’s response to demand from United nations It lies in its ability to develop by providing new services and investing in it Research and development To manufacture safer and more durable products, especially in the field of tyres. An essential component of safety, tires are now designed to reduce braking distances and provide better grip thanks to innovative rubber compounds and specific tread patterns that allow for better water evacuation to avoid aquaplaning. Data Monitoring or Data Monitoring via Intelligent Sensors is another major innovation, which, when applied to tires, will allow driving in a more environmentally friendly and safer way.

This is by collecting road condition information or by checking in real time the condition of tire wear, matching and possible failures, which is responsible for many accidents. This approach to innovation should be part of a larger program stemming from the United Nations that every mobility industry should own. Attitude change on the part of everyone is essential to success in behavior change. 4 subjects Should prevail in our thinking: a More sustainable mobilitya Thoughtful community to the dangers of the road, thanks in particular to the action of the public authorities within the schools, Safer ways Using the data collected, and finally a role Users who should become road safety ambassadors.

It is the duty of private companies, along with foundations, to ensure road safety and contribute to a more sustainable mobility. Much has already been done in the first decade of work for road safety and many lives have been saved, but there is still a lot of energy to be spent to continue the fight, bringing together the forces of all stakeholders.

[1] Source: https://www.un.org/fr/fr/safety-and-security/security-routiere

[2] Source: https://roadsafety.piarc.org/fr/gestion-de-la-securite-routiere/4-approach-systeme-sur

Opinion article by Tom Adams, Vice President and General Manager, Western Europe, Bridgestone

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