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Democratizing Entrepreneurship for Everyone!

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Making entrepreneurship accessible to all and no longer reserved for the elite is the goal of IPAG Business School with its new project ABLE.

“Pledge! Where you want, when you want

ABLE aims to provide the opportunity for anyone willing to pledge to benefit from personal support to bring their project to life, but in a non-financial way. Professor Adnan Maalawi, Project Manager tells us, “At IPAG Business School, we want to be a school with a positive impact. This is why we do our best to be active in society and contribute to solving economic, social and regional problems, both in terms of
teaching or research. “.

Thus, together with his team, they realized that “many ideas, ambitions and innovations do not see the light due to lack of resources. That is why we created ABLE. Where there is no entrepreneurial ecosystem, resources or support, we will find ABLE. So we understand that this program It will facilitate entrepreneurs’ access to creativity and innovation and will allow them to do so freely by connecting them to each other.The creation of this completely innovative and immaterial ecosystem started at the end of 2019 and required an investment of €200,000 over nearly 4 years.Strategy desirable and supported by IPAG Business School which wants to improve the daily lives of “new entrepreneurs” and offer real solutions on the ground to problems such as unemployment, access to resources, network and partners, financing, support and advice, among others.

ABLE offers many services: personal training, a fun tool that allows you to build your business plan step by step, your business model and pitch deck, access to e-learning on startup and VSE / SME management, with the possibility of obtaining certification, contact with a range of Partners and ecosystem actors, a network of skills to create your team, an interactive agenda and secure messaging.

Planned pilot next March

IPAG Business School, which offers the Grand Ecole (PGE) course and also Bachelors, BBA, MBA, MA, Executive Master, MSc and DBA, has started implementing this tool to serve its current student community. But also with alumni. A full-scale pilot program is expected to launch in March 2023 that will allow more than 200 students to use the ABLE solution simultaneously during IPAG’s traditional “Weekend Startup Challenge” on AI and ChatGPT concepts this year.

“ABLE is already online and allows us to support many entrepreneurs. You should know that we do not intend to stop there,” says Mr. Maaloui. In fact, we are only 5% away from developing the studied version and we are doing everything at IPAG Business School to deliver The most innovative, the most complete, but above all the most accessible ecosystem.” When asked about the future of ABLE, Mr. Maalawi explained: “The players in the ecosystem will definitely decide! Then why not migrate into a whirlpool?”. To achieve this goal, the latter makes it clear that thinking about many innovations has begun since the beginning of the adventure. Special mentions of artificial intelligence, metaverses, etc.

So we understand that IPAG Business School is definitely an innovative post-baccalaureate school in serving society and its current issues. In conclusion, we add: “Our goal is to enable everyone, wherever they come from, to pledge and thus create economic and social value. With ABLE, entrepreneurship will no longer be reserved for a segment of the population, it will be democratized.”


Contact: www.ipag.edu

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