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The evolution of the luxury hotel sector: How do professionals adapt to societal changes and the new demands of their clients?

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The luxury hotel industry continues to seduce the French, with 77% of CSP+ wishing to be offered a luxury hotel stay or ‘experience’ in 2023 (YouGov study). This sector is currently approaching a major turning point, with the evolution of customers and their requirements, and the necessary adaptation to new uses. In response to a younger, connected clientele, increasingly personal requests. The pandemic has amplified and accelerated these trends, which have so far hovered over the sector. So the luxury hotel industry is being revamped, and industry professionals are adapting to these changes.

New clients are trying luxury hotels

The sector is now facing a younger, connected and affluent clientele, with the younger generations in particular gaining strength, Millennials and Generation Z, for whom travel is an aspiration and a way of life. This new customer changes codes with new expectations and requirements, but also with a new vision of luxury, more accessible. Thus, the big brands are inspired by these new generations, their symbols and what they convey to transform into a modern culture, more friendly and unrestrained. We see this especially with the fashion items of urban culture, which now have their place in the largest luxury homes.

These highly connected clients also find their place in the luxury hotel industry. A new generation of places is emerging, more relaxed and fun, photographed and imagined for this type of profile. These new luxury hotels create more sophisticated and personalized spa and relaxation experiences.

Therefore, we notice that there are two schools in the world of luxury hotels. On the one hand, the emblematic premises of this institution, and on the other hand, the new modern premises, which bring a touch of freshness. However, the heritage of luxury and the history of the places still seduces them, because it is an important criterion for 65% CSP + French (YouGov study). So the status of luxury historic hotels cannot be questioned. Thus it is a field of activity in full development, but it does not revise its status downwards.

A sector that is developing, but the level of its requirements is still imperative

The luxury hotel industry is closely linked to an extraordinary experience designed for a unique client. Everything is based on the search for an experience tailored to the client, as well as adapting the services to his needs. This sector evolves and assumes changes, but despite its modernization and adaptation to new generations, it does not in any way reduce the requirements we know. Be it in the availability to customers, in the dress and appearance, or in the excellence of the staff: everything is meticulous and meticulous. However, it is more about adaptability, perhaps with a more personal touch, or even a touch of humor if this is the exchange the client expects. Human relations have always been central to the luxury hotel industry: they are associated with excellence, creating the unique experience that the client seeks.

Everything lies in the harmony between the rules and the human nature of the profession. It is about finding the right balance between operations and personalization, but the human being remains the cornerstone of this equation. It is therefore essential to train the managers of tomorrow so that they can personalize each customer’s experience. Ease of integration, curiosity, independence, friendliness and a sense of service are all qualities of professionals in the sector that allow them to adapt as much as possible to customer requirements.

How far will the privatization go? This is the outstanding question today. Perhaps, in the long term, the luxury hotel industry can turn more to new technologies and artificial intelligence, in order to offer its customers a wide range of new experiences, more than ever customizable and adaptable to their expectations. Technology will then come to support humanity, for service that is more empathetic, unique, and groundbreaking than ever before.

Tribune by Jean-Axel Basdelup, Director of Luxury Hotelschool

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