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Rhône Elec Distribution: A Culture of Service

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Supplier of electrical products for professionals, Rhône Elec Distribution (RED) relies on quality service and customization. A position that goes against the trends in the sector and allows them to win customers who are neglected by large groups.

“We live in difficult times. With the health crisis, and the high prices for energy and raw materials, a lot of work is done quickly. Clients need flexibility and responsiveness, so they turn to freelancers.”explains Raphael Azoulay, Director of Rhône Elec Distribution.

In this context, RED is doing well, since it was created at the end of 2018, and the company has recently taken on the role of renewable energies. Its Green Business range includes various types of equipment such as: heat pump, air conditioning, ventilation, solar heat and photovoltaic. “It’s a booming market. Over 500,000 renovations are done each year and the state just injected $2 billion in tax aid.”Rafael Azoulay admits.

The company adapts to the organizational reality and its frequent changes. “This year, we have built very strong partnerships with French and European equipment manufacturers. For us, it is very important to offer qualified, traceable and regulated products according to established standards. We reject the opportunism of commercializing import equipment to increase our margins”says the commander.

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“What sets us apart from competitors is our versatility and the quality of our services. We are able to start from project study to logistics. We buy, we stock, we customize, we are the only ones to offer in Rhone-Alpes »Rafael Azoulay testifies.

Against the major national groups, Rhône Elec Distribution relies on its uniqueness to stand out. It has been able to preserve the human scale, a great advantage that allows it to provide an exclusive and personal follow-up to each of its customers with the guarantee of rapid supply and attractive prices. “We often pick up clients who are tired of being numbers with our competitors. We offer them personalized service on a case-by-case basis.”

More of a partner than a simple supplier, Rhône Elec Distribution plans to continue supporting its customers and establishing the sustainability of its business, in particular by developing the renewable energy and photovoltaic sector.

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