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End of Twitter testimony: These celebrities, politicians, and athletes still have their blue badges, but Elon Musk pays for certain accounts

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All but a handful of the world’s most famous personalities lost their blue Twitter badge on Thursday, April 20th. The social network’s CEO, Elon Musk, has achieved his goal of making certification one of the main benefits of an eight-dollar-per-month subscription plan.

however, Elon Musk to I confess He personally paid for a few accounts after some celebrities got confused that they still had a blue badge. Many celebrities like Taylor SwiftAnd Ellen DeGeneresAnd RihannaAnd Miley Cyrus or Ryan Reynolds It still has the cherished blue badge next to their name, with a new description: “This account has been verified because he is a follower of Twitter Blue and his phone number has been verified.”

Former President of the United States Barack Obama He still has his badge on, because his account is linked to the office of Barack and Michelle Obama (Office of Barack and Michelle Obama), which is a Twitter-accredited organization. For its part, the account of the former US president Bill Clinton It features a blue badge and a note that this account has subscribed to Twitter Blue.

The decision prize of the jeudi of Twitter is in accordance with Elon Musk’s promise that he doesn’t care about the badges bleu, and not the anciens’ comptes, which proves that he doesn’t know the beginnings of the enterprise. autumn.

Some users have complained that they signed up for Twitter Blue to get the benefits of a no-certification badge, such as security features that allow two-factor authentication, and were annoyed that they still carried the badge. “All I wanted was two-factor authentication, and now I’m stuck with this embarrassing blue badge…” chirp Joligris Brovkijournalist at Axios.

Twitter began removing blue badges from older verified accounts on Thursday, a process that took about 30 minutes and was marred by minor errors. Elon Musk, who has a net worth of $173.6 billion, he said that one of his top priorities when he took over Twitter last year was to “befriend all humans,” but that he quickly shifted after taking over the company to using the badge’s status symbol reputation in order to build a subscriber base. In early November, Twitter announced the launch of its eight-dollar-a-month Twitter Blue service, with the blue badge as a selling point. The social network claimed “power is for the people”, explaining that all paying users would receive a blue badge “like a celebrity”. Twitter also offers gold badges to organizations that pay a large amount, and accounts associated with paying organizations can sign up for verification, although the platform’s top advertisers and top 10,000 organizations were supposed to get badges. The New York Times Last month. Elon Musk said growing subscribers via Twitter Blue was critical to the company’s financial future after ad revenue declined last year, and he reportedly warned employees in November that Twitter could go bankrupt without “meaningful subscription revenue.”

Twitter has come in for a lot of criticism, including that paying for a testimonial badge could further Elon Musk’s stated goal of authenticating users. In fact, Twitter Blue will encourage scammers. There have already been many examples of fake accounts posting false information on the platform, while the platform has been criticized for its lax identity verification process to earn a badge. journalist from Washington Post Thus, he repeatedly created a fake account in the name of the US Senator Ed Markeyafter he agreed to participate in an experiment to test Twitter’s verification standards.

Well in spite of himself, King Stephen It may have played a role in the development of Twitter Blue. After criticizing reports that Twitter was considering offering a $20 per month Twitter Blue deal, Elon Musk responded in a tweet At midnight 1any November: “We have to pay the bills one way or another!” Twitter cannot be completely dependent on advertisers. How about eight dollars? »

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Nicholas Rayman

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