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The Woodward in Geneva, private residence setting

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We hear the shriek of seagulls celebrating the dawning of the day, raging clouds bid farewell to their reflection on the still Lake Geneva and the famous jet of water bursting with millions of droplets over this liquid expanse.
Welcome to the Woodward Hotel in Geneva, a true resort for discerning clients.

A little history

Exterior – © The Woodward Geneva

Opened in September 2021, this historic building sits on the quays facing Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc and was built in 1901 by French architect François Durel in a post-Haussmann spirit.
Its magnificent façade is decorated with volutes and arabesques that characterize this era.
In its genesis, the building bore the name of the Hôtel Bellevue, a luxury resort in Geneva designed to welcome the nobility of the time, then the Swiss headquarters of HSBC before becoming the Hôtel Woodward under the leadership of the architectural decorator Pierre-Yves Rochon. Signed with the seal of the Oetker Collection (Le Bristol in Paris, Cap-Eden Roc in Antibes or Eden Rock in Saint Barth), this title is intended to be discreet and refined.

Relaxed and upscale atmosphere

Corridor – © The Woodward Geneva

The 26 suites share in this space, an atmosphere that combines authenticity, thanks to the noble materials used such as dark wood for the parquet floors, the inlays made of straw, marble, woodwork and enamelling with hangings, curtains, works of art and precious paintings.
Art is present in all forms, through painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphic gold-trimmed wardrobes, or Lalique touches in the bathrooms.

Entrance like a private residence

Lobby Lounge – © Luxe Magazine

You enter discreetly from the street side, like a private residence. The reception is on the first floor. There’s no grand reception here, but rather an Art Deco lounge, with dark Macassar ebony woodwork, cozy with its deep Ralph Lauren armchairs that invite you to unwind. Crystal pendant catches the eye. Originally designed for the home of Yves Saint Laurent, it is on full display, suspended from the ceiling, in the center of a mural by Atelier Gohart. The lounge is adjacent to a bar overlooking the Le Jardinier restaurant, adorned with two large glass ceilings, which not only allow continuous streams of light and sun, but also a wonderful view of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. An alluring and captivating panorama that hypnotizes today’s guests.

At Le Jardinier, plants are in the spotlight

Bustani – © The Woodward Geneva

Generous volumes, high ceilings and re-designed terraces with large bay windows all contribute to the ‘fantastic residence’ ethos.
It invites diners to savor fresh and delicious creations, on the terrace, bathed in natural light with a stunning view of the turquoise waters of Lake Geneva, or on the balcony. French chef Alain Verzeroli offers a delicious menu, where vegetables are in the spotlight along with seasonal produce.

The ‘nut squash from Hermans, pickles from Gaia and burrata’ is a must-try as is the ‘tricholome cappuccino with oats, wild mushrooms and superfood polenta’.

The Gardener’s Vegetables – © Luxe Magazine

Suites designed to be a “home”

Next – © The Woodward Geneva

Here the suite is designed as a private apartment for receiving friends. It is a unique and elegant experience with a neo-classical architectural style and above all a breathtaking view of the lake. Just extend your arm to feel like you’re touching it.
Precious materials, paintings, lacquers, volumes, pendants, plaids, sofas and armchairs enrich each suite and every special element has been designed to give a special touch befitting the suite.
According to its interior designer, Pierre-Yves Rochon: “The cozy aspect of The Woodward comes above all from the balance and refinement of the materials chosen, our recipes for the furniture and the fabrics chosen by our agency. The whole gives a harmonious whole, without dissonance, and amplifies the newly created spaces. We had to be careful. than the “wahoo effect” which is a little more sophisticated for its convenience and which we quickly get tired of because it is so temporary.”*
A successful bet, because the clear atmosphere is experienced as a special, private relationship with one’s feelings and remains timeless.
Positive and calm vibes reign here.

Sensual and elegant spa

Swimming pool – © The Woodward Geneva

A spa that reflects the elegance and relaxing atmosphere of the Guerlain brand.
Here we find ourselves in a cocoon where noble and warm materials bring a soft atmosphere thanks in particular to the honey and golden colors.
In the cabin suite, the therapist is at your disposal and will prepare your tailor-made treatment according to your needs and their diagnosis.
During the hour or one-and-a-half we place ourselves once more in the hands of the wizard, the soul escaping while the languid body rests on a clean bath towel under silky fingers.
We come out with smooth, silky and firm skin!

L’Atelier Robuchon, Hymn to the Red and the Black

Atelier Robuchon – © The Woodward Geneva

Characteristic colors of Ateliers Robuchon around the world (London, Paris, Dubai…), this restaurant located on the mezzanine floor offers a rather surprising visual and gastronomic experience with the concept of show cooking.
A long table of more than 15 metres, adorned with a window displaying succulent plants and exotic), real visual punctuation accompanying the dishes served, is brought to life as soon as the evening falls by the passing guests who come to sample the mouth-watering menu. .
This theatrical culinary experiment is a hit thanks to amazing chef Olivier Jean, a fan of Joël Robuchon, who has worked with the master and directed L’Atelier de Tapei for 7 years.
The menu is clever, offering small plates for sharing, giving place to noble products such as lobster, foie gras, truffles, imperial caviar or beef from the Swiss mountain pastures, not forgetting the Gaia Botanical Garden, organic market gardeners from Canton, but not only . Two menus, including a veggie menu, complete this offering.
Between “Black Truffle, Finely Grated with Celeriac Tagliatelle and Egg Yolk Confit”, a visual and tasting treat, “Langostine in Black Truffle Ravioli, Steamed Green Cabbage, Foie Gras Sauce”, “Wild Royal Sea Bream, Carpaccio with Savoury and Split Peppers” Or even Le Caviar Impérial, the gastronomic experience is a success. Dishes designed as paintings meet the flavor of taste and enjoy!

Imperial Caviar – © Lux Magazine

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My opinion :
A different hotel than the Geneva show, a different and refreshing experience, where you simply feel at ease.
Quiet and relaxed atmosphere providing a nice escape for city dwellers.
The view of Lake Geneva enhances this feeling of tranquility and the gastronomic offer is completed thanks to the two different but tastefully successful restaurants.
We are relieved, safe from the troubles of the world!

37 Kwy Wilson 37
1201 Geneva, Switzerland
This is amazing. : +41 22901 3700

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