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in the form | Running Conseil picks up speed and becomes a regular player in the running back

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VO2MAX | The Run Rando Conseil collection is accelerating its development. It already has 60 stores with a horizon of opening 100 stores in France by 2025. And this while keeping the spirit of the house: to serve all runners, both beginners and those addicted to running and track. The spirit of the house is still intact.

The picture says it all! We are less than 24 hours away from the start of the Paris Marathon on April 2nd and the historic boutique running board, in the 17th arrondissement of the capital, full. Those who will deal with the legendary race come to share the latest information and feelings before the race. We also come there to buy gels or sleeves because the stated temperature is “cold”. Tips for running and hiking He is and remains one of the temples of running in France.

It is true that we are located in their stores. All group members have known and practiced running and other endurance sports for many years. They also accompany practicing athletes to training venues, where their passion is best expressed.

With the opening of 60 stores across France, running board It is a network resolutely headed towards the future, he explains Mark Shevelard, its chief. We will enhance our proximity to the field while prioritizing the rapid development of major French metropolitan areas. In the medium term, the aim is to represent 50% of the physical network of specialized stores operating in France, with 70 stores at the end of the year, 85 stores at the end of 2024 and 100 stores at the end of 2025.

With more than 30 million annual turnover, and more than 40,000 pairs of shoes sold each year, the group is resolutely accelerating its development, taking advantage of the development of running and track in France. “We strengthen our closeness. Consulting is our DNA and our values ​​are written in. Those who join us know their raison d’être “, Frédéric Choctaw continues,
vice president. In addition to a common identity, assembly running board It allows store synergies to lead to a more fruitful dialogue with the 36 partner brands

The group’s ambition is to train National group of independent entrepreneurs They share the same morals and the same desire to revitalize the profession. For this, they set up A charter of 13 commitments that sums up their morals. All decisions are made by a Management Committee Consists of one or more store managers.

The group was also taken into consideration environmental issues related to their activity. Rando Conseil presents itself as an ethical and responsible co-operative, which aims to reduce carbon emissions and also engage its customers, by offering a solution for their used shoes. Every year, 25 billion shoes are produced in the world, and only 5% will be recycled.

Running Conseil adheres to the FFG policy, for Fast Feet Grinded, which recycles up to 2,400 shoes per hour. The recovered foam in particular will be used to make yoga mats, slippers or slippers, etc.

Thus, with more than 27 years of experience and knowledge, the group running board Positioned as a major player in the field of running and athletics.

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