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Epicureanism and the experiments that followed Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris

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Established as the first of its kind on the French scene, the Fauchon Hotel Paris has managed to become a popular alternative for château clients. Better yet, the title particularly appeals to the Parisians who spread the word. Here, it’s about delighting the senses and satisfying the epicurean. Five years later, the establishment wants to emphasize its uniqueness even more to keep the flame alive with its guests. A new lease on life is now embodied by Arnaud Morandi, the newly appointed general manager of the five-star hotel. To his credit, several years at the Relais & Châteaux and at the prestigious Maison Pic: for him epicureanism is his business! he meets.

“Indulge in pleasure”, “indulge the senses”, is the essence of the Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris experience. How do you intend to apply these axes now that you are at the helm of the institution?

Arno Morandi : The choice of staying in our hotel is not easy for our clients. They intend to get a taste of the French way of life through a brand that speaks to them. Fauchon has approximately 72 stores spread all over the world in addition to one more store hotel in kyoto In Japan, many portals to our world. And so there is a great diversity of our clients, they come from the Gulf, the US, Brazil and Asia. There is therefore a promise to which I and my team must respond on a daily basis: to combine the knowledge of receiving hotel excellence with the knowledge of French gastronomy, by creating attention and celebrating every moment of life and delighting the meaning of our dear ones. Customers as soon as they pass through the entrance of our Parisian atmosphere.

Therefore, gluttony is closely related to the experience of accommodation. It starts with a welcome around delicious homemade macarons, then in the room, it’s a real gourmet bar waiting for these epicureans! Generously gifted, they find a complimentary savory and sweet offer with daily replenishment.

When they walk around the hotel, they will find a corner with a wide selection of Fauchon products waiting to be seated. Now, we will especially develop Grand Café Fauchon through Glam’Hours in order to become a true meeting place for Parisians and tourists. The terrace, the Fuchun glacier or the Christmas gourmet chalet are other areas I am happy to enrich. Coming from the pic house, I’m obviously going to focus on epicureanism!

Specifically, what is your relationship with Parisians?

We are particularly keen to address Parisians and locals. As a human-level palace with 54 keys, it is important for us to welcome these aesthetes, experts in the history of Fushun. As you know, I come from the Relais & Châteaux school, where there is the spirit of family, of home, the French constantly frequenting addresses of the group for these reasons in particular. So I want to cultivate this closeness with them at Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris. Like my predecessor, Mr. Jerome Montantim, I defend this philosophy.

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The hospitality industry finally realized its importance at the time of the pandemic when the foreigners were gone. And this is much better! The “staycation” trend is here to stay, and it’s up to us to get creative, listen and give them a thousand excuses to come back. Our “Experience Group” product is aimed both at overseas customers.

What experiences have been developed that are working well?

For example, there is the formula ” I’m beautiful He thinks to have fun, do yourself a favor while staying in luxury. From breakfast served in the comfort of your suite to discovering Madame Fauchon’s box including exquisite touches (Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris scented candle, variety of sweets, body milk, hot eye mask, etc.) Polaroid delivery to immortalize his fondest memories and yoga equipment Le Tigre Yoga, everything is done to give the guest a moment of pure relaxation.

I’m a rock star »In our Eiffel Tower duplex suite we also have success. This time, it’s about “unleashing the rock star in you.” Many gifts await the happy residents and unique experiences such as a visit to one of the capital’s most secretive addresses: Gibson’s private showroom, a legendary place where the sound of generations of musicians and music lovers has been shaped. All kinds for more than 100 years. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Gibson has an unparalleled heritage of world-class craftsmanship and musical associations with legendary artists.

There are other sequel experiments and we will design new formulas…

Arno Morandi: We are a unisex hotel that connects with women. This means that everything is articulated around the woman. For a long time, the industry catered mainly to men, the busy business people, without taking into account business travelers who were also on the go.

You also emphasize your difference in the way women are greeted. this to say?

We are a unisex hotel that connects with women. This means that everything is articulated around the woman. For a long time, the industry catered primarily to men, the busy business people, without taking into account business travelers who were also on the go. This starting point has fueled our ideas to welcome them differently. They are also found instantly in our colors with the dominant fuchsia pink, black and white, with our logo shaped like a mouth and our eyes representing a woman’s gaze. In the rooms, the aromatic ambience and the beauty products (in generous quantities) placed in the bathrooms provide a real sensory experience.

In the spa, we have chosen a recognized partner who knows how to take care of women’s beauty, and heEsthederm brand. From custom suite programs to spa getaways, our clients are queens. This is without excluding men who are also complacent.

What was the first challenge you faced since taking office?

I would say this by convincing many clients of the shortcomings. Clients who have their habits in the capital’s most beautiful addresses and who appreciate the extension to Fauchon L’Hôtel Paris as they pass by. They tell me they fell in love! They are often couples or families with a sense of being “at a destination within a destination.” I am pleased and thank my team for this concerted work.

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